Calebs story

A young wolf called caleb finds himself an outcast from the pack and starts his new life on his own were he encounters harsh facts of life and death


2. A dreamless sleep

The sun shone down onto my back, making me feel baked and dry. The patrol paced behind, keeping silent as we moved through the undergrowth to the top of the rise. I followed him up to the edge of the gorge and looked down at the relentlessly churning waters. The waves hit the rocks and tossed around into miniature whirlpools beneath me. The sound of the water slapped my ears and gnawed at my brain. I had such a bad feeling about this place, I always have had a bad feeling about here, ever since I was a kid. I hated the way the water leaped up and seemed like a giant beast trying to reach out and snatch me from the side of the gorge. I shook off all thoughts of the water and focused on him. " right I want you to all spread out the area and hunt til sunrise then you need to come back...... GET DOWN!". I rocketed down to the floor and sniffed the air. I could smell the other pack, our enemy pack!. My leader signaled for us to stay quiet while he crept forwards towards the other pack. he was about to bound forward in attack when the pack stiffened. then they suddenly turned tail and fled. We rose up from the heather and stood staring at our leader. " what were you thinking! you could have attacked and finished the others of while we had the chance. they have been causing trouble for decades!" growled a senior wolf. " sometimes we do not always have to fight. we haven't heard anything from there pack in almost five moons. It was better that i did not cause some more conflict than we have already had." said our leader. Personally I agreed with him. Our pack had suffered more and more with every fight we have had with that pack. " Is our mighty leader being cowardly? if so then how are we meant to let him lead us? who here agrees?". The pack had started to advance on him, pushing him to the side of the cliff. acting on instinct i dived in front of my leader and swung my hind legs round so i faced the others. All I remembered next was turning to face him and seeing the one person I had ever looked up to fall down the gaping gorge, into the snapping jaws of a giant beast in the water. I watched it swallow him whole and knew that I had accidentally knocked him down there. I also knew that this was all my fault. i turned to face the rest of the pack. I got looks of shock from everyone, which quickly turned to looks of accusation. I opened my mouth to explain but the looks I got silenced me. It was then when i became an outcast. I woke up sweating and panting. All I wanted was a dreamless sleep. Didn't look like I was ever gonna get that. So much for that dream.

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