The Locket

"I had everything. I was (and still am) in the biggest and hottest band in the world, I had the most beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter. But I'm not writing this to be sad but to remember the lost. This is the story that changed my life forever."


2. Years before...

Harrys POV years before...

I laid down in the grass next to Savannah. Her hand was in mine. We didn't say much, only saying what shapes we could make out of the clouds. But I broke this trend. "Savannah?" I asked her. She looked up at me cupping her hand around her blue eyes to block the sun. "Yeah?" She responded. "I was just wondering... uh do you think... someday... you'd ever wanna get married?" I asked her. "Yeah. Someday. Not now though. Not yet I mean I'm only 19." She said. I nodded. "What about you?" She asked. "Ya someday." I replied. "Do you think you'll want to have kids someday?" She asked me. "Ya. But not to many. Maybe one or two." I said. "Me two. But not until after I'm married." She said agreeing with me. We just laid in the sun talking about our future for hours. But then it started pouring. The rain was beating down on us and we were drenched almost instantly. We quickly got up, grabbed our things and raced for my car. When we got inside my car We looked at each other and laughed. We were a mess. Savannah's eye makeup was smeared all around her big blue eyes and her light brown hair was all wet and tangled. We drove back to the hotel that we were staying at. Savannah had a bag in my room so she changed into some fresh clothes. Once both of us were changed we snuggled up underneath the covers. Louis had a key to the room and he walked in. He also had some clothes in here. When he walked into the room he was drenched in water. "Hey guys." He said. "hi." We both responded. Louis then grabbed the clothes and went into the bathroom to change. It wasn't unusual for Louis to see us like this. I mean we've been dating for a little over a year. Then Louis walked out of the washroom and sat down on the other bed. We were all laughing and joking around in no time. This is what I loved the most. Being able to just have a laugh with my best friend and my girlfriend. Vanessa had come on tour with us so she could be with me. She was also a singer, but she was taking a break from music till after my tour then going on her own tour. She's a singer and an actress and a model. Right now she's focusing on the modeling with El. She's been famous since she was a kid. She started out on a tv show and now she's EXTREMELY famous. Sometimes on the tour she has to fly out to do photo shoots and interviews and recording. But besides that she's with me and thats how it should be. We met about two years ago when we were both playing at Time Square on New Years Eve. I had watched her on tv since I was a kid so it was cool meeting my celebrity crush. Now I'm dating my dream girl. Its been the best year of my life. Were the same but different in all the right ways. Like we both love cold play, singing, tea, cats, skiing, sweets ext. but also she LOVES working out ALL THE TIME. don't get me wrong I'll work out every once in a while but not like everyday. And I love fast food but she hates it because it makes her sick. Its just little things like that. We push each other to be our best and to try new things. We have only fought once and it was over something really stupid. Nothing big. Nothing and no one could split us up. Trust me people have tried. But were two perfect for each other. And everyone knew it. When we first started dating a lot of people were mad. They would say 'WHY HER' 'You can do so much better' 'Harry I hate you for dating her!' You know the usual stuff fans say when their jealous of the girl dating a guy they like. But I didn't care what they said. I didn't care how many people wanted us to break up because it was never going to happen. All if my friends love her, my family love her and I love her. and she loves me so thats all that matters. But finally people are starting to support us dating. I think that they just found it weird that I had a girlfriend and wasn't single. And a lot of guys were jealous of me dating Savannah. But who wouldn't be? I would! I mean she's considered one of the most beautiful woman. Along with Megan Fox. Any ways Savannah has to go to a photo shoot with El tomorrow and aren't going to be back for a few weeks. And for those weeks I have sold out concerts that will keep me busy. Savannah is really close with the lads. Especially Liam and Niall. Niall and her eat EVERYTHING but never gain weight so they have that in common. Liam and her love to work out and all of us call them the workout buddies. So there always in the hotel gym. Savannah got up from the bed and packed up her suitcase so tomorrow she didn't have to. I was driving her to the air port at about noon. Savannah had gotten quite close with the lads girlfriends so tonight they were going out.

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