The Locket

"I had everything. I was (and still am) in the biggest and hottest band in the world, I had the most beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter. But I'm not writing this to be sad but to remember the lost. This is the story that changed my life forever."


5. ring

Savannahs POV

I sat down and El sat in the seat across but facing me. "I'm sooooo tired!" El said. "Me too!" I agreed while flipping through a magazine. "You and Harry are so cute." El said. "You and Louis are like a perfect couple!" I said while looking up. "So are you guys!" El said. "So do you think you guys are gonna like get married or something?" El asked. I smiled stupidly. "Yaaaa. I think so. Do you wanna marry Louis?" I asked. "Yes!" She responded confidently. "I wonder how there fans are going to react if they got married." I said. "Probably ten times worse then when we started dating them." "Ya probably." I responded. Then my manager walked over. "Okay Savannah, You guys are modeling for Hollester in LA and its bathing suits and then tomorrow you both have an interview on the Ellen show then the rest of the time your recording for your tour after Harrys tour." He said. "Okay thanks!" I responded. He walked away. I fell asleep for the rest of the plane ride.


Harrys POV

When we got to the practice on stage, I was still thinking about Savannah. I hated being away from her. But I needed to focus. We decided to practice each song and dance about three times. Then we had an interview. The interview was pretty boring and pretty much the same questions we always get. I kept zoning out. The interview was on TV.

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