The Locket

"I had everything. I was (and still am) in the biggest and hottest band in the world, I had the most beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter. But I'm not writing this to be sad but to remember the lost. This is the story that changed my life forever."


4. Leaving tomorrow

Harrys POV

When Savannah got back I was so happy. I had been so bored without her. All I wanted to ever do is be with her. When I saw her I got up right away and went to hug her but was surprised when she threw her bag down and jumped into my arms. I took a few steps back to get my balance and then she just started kissing me. I didn't decline this offer. I put my hands under her thy to hold her up and she rapped her legs around me. At first we kissed slowly then each kiss seemed to get faster and more passionate. She allowed my tongue to enter her mouth as we kissed like this for a minute or two more. Then she pulled away looking into my eyes. I put her down and when she's standing the top of her head is up to my chin. She pulled me into a hug and buried her face into my chest. Something was wrong. I could tell. "Are you okay?" "No. I almost got fucking raped but some random ass drunk guy." Savannah doesn't swear unless she's really upset. I was worried. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry." She looked up at me. "Don't be. I'm just glade to be back here with you." She smiled and so did I. "I love you." I said kissing the top of her head. "I love you more." She responded. We both changed into pjs and then laid in bed in each others arms. "I don't want to leave." She said to me. "Neither do I but you have to." I said "You'll be back soon." I added. She kissed my cheek and fell asleep in my arms. I love her so much.

The next day

We woke up the same way we fell asleep. In each others arms. I looked at my clock it was almost ten and we had to leave at 11:30. I waiter for about another half an hour to wake her up. I kissed the top of her head and softly said "Savannah wake up." Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she looked up at me and smiled. "I'm good." She said before rolling over and pulling the blankets over her head. "Babe you gotta get up." She exaggerated a sigh and finally got up. She took a shower, straightened her hair, got dressed then climbed back into bed. She got back up only a few minutes later to go get El and Lou. We all climbed into my car and drove to the airport. A lot of people were taking pictures as we were escorted by security to their privet jet. Savannah has a few tattoos. My favorite one is the one she calls he 'Mistake' But I love it. She got it before we had started dating and it says "I'm the hero in my own fairy tale." Its on her hip. I think its cute. When we were standing outside the jet Savannah turned to me before she got on. I pulled her into a hug. We hugged and kissed for a while then Louis said "Oh get a room." So after that we stopped. She climbed up the steps to the jet and half way up she turned to wave. We were kind of far away from the jet so it didn't run us over. I watched as our girlfriends flew off. Louis put his hand on my back. "Come on Mate, lets go to practice." He said. I knodded and we walked away back to my car and drove to practice.

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