The Locket

"I had everything. I was (and still am) in the biggest and hottest band in the world, I had the most beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter. But I'm not writing this to be sad but to remember the lost. This is the story that changed my life forever."


3. going out

Savannah's POV (age 13 and up only)

I put on a cute outfit, kissed Harry on the lips and was off. I met the other girls at a restaurant. El and I were the first ones there. We were particularly close. When she saw me she walked over to me "Hey!!!" She exclaimed pulling me into a hug. "Hi!" I said back. We talked for a while waiting for the other girls to get there. There were fans there so we were signing stuff and getting our pictures taken with them also. Finally Dani and Perrie came. We hugged and said our hellos and then got a table. We talked about our boy friends and our jobs and gossip, typical girl stuff. El and I were both models so she decided to get me into Hollister with her because we were so close. We decided we'd go to a club, just to have fun and relax a little. El and I both knew we couldn't party to hard because we had work the next day. But the thing for me is I've been famous since I was little and I was on a kids show that just ended last year so I'm considered a role model to little kids so I have to be carful where I go and what I say and do! Because if I make one mistake I'm out and just lost thousands of fans. So I had to sneak into the club so no one would see me. Thankfully I made it in. We all got a drink then went to the middle of the dance floor. I made sure none of us had more then two drinks just to be safe. We had a rule for when ever we go to clubs that we'd stick together so no random ass guys took us home if we were drunk. The girls decided to go get a second drink and said they'd bring me back one. I waited for them in the middle of the dance floor. I gasped from shock when I felt someones hands on my hips. And the hands weren't harrys. I looked to see who it was. It was some drunk guy. He was kinda attractive but not as hot as Harry. "Get off us me!" I said trying to pry his hands off of me. "No way. You know wow popular I'll be when I say I had sex with Savannah Rae!" He whispered in my ear as he rapped his arms tightly around my waist pushing he's front up agents the back of my dress. "LET GO OF ME YOU PERV!!" I yelled for everyone to hear. "Shut up you little bitch." He said through his teeth. He started pulling me to the exit. I hit his chest. I became scared. "HELP!" I managed to yell before he put his hand over my mouth. Then I saw El, Dani, and Perrie run towards me. They grabbed me and pulled me out of his grip. El held his hands behind his back and I punched him once and said "Stay away from me or you'll be sorry." The El dropped him to the floor and we walked out of the club as fast as we could. Then we all drove back to the hotels we were staying at. El had rented a room so her and Louis could be together before she had to leave. When I walked into the room Harry was laying on the bed and when Louis saw me he grabbed his bag gave me a hug and went to El's room.

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