In a time that has not yet come a young girl falls in love with the wrong person, but what happens when a treacherous tragedy strikes and leaves her alone in a world unfamiliar to the one that she thought she knew.


4. The Bite

      *This is my first story and this is just an intro of sorts*


    The world now has changed. It used to be that people would stop and greet you on the street, well when we had those. But now you don't even get a glance. My story begins with a tale of two people in a world thought to be virtual. 

        The real world disappeared, and hacked into the perfect little virtual reality thought to be sacred by all, but then..... I was interrupted by my pet well best-friend werewolf(yeah they exist now). Loki had jumped into my room and onto my bed. He was a light chocolaty brown color when he was in this form, but he was always fairly docile except for today, surprisingly.I first met him when I was nothing but a child, well so was he. I found him in a what I guess you could call a trash can.Loki was left there at the time because no one knew of the existence of these creatures until my brother, Akio, made the discovery.

      Well back to the main story, while Loki was on my bed as I said earlier he seemed a bit on edge and not very calm. He, out of absolutely no where in an unfit rampage, bit me. At first I was quite startled but,then my arm caught my attention. Well, not my arm necessarily but the "Attachment", never mind that, why would Loki bite me?



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