In a time that has not yet come a young girl falls in love with the wrong person, but what happens when a treacherous tragedy strikes and leaves her alone in a world unfamiliar to the one that she thought she knew.


3. The Beginning


                        To fully understand all the chaos that has erupted i would have to start from the very start of everything. Before my parents were killed and far before my birth. The very Beginning of this war. 
               To be completely honest i am not the true heir of this royal family , though i am of royal blood. Each royal family has distinct powers and abilities and i have inherited all the abilities of past royal families including this one but it all started with the first of my kind. My real parents.

                My true parents were the ones who committed the sin of creating certain creatures and animals by splicing the royal DNA with the DNA of the Regs. To be more clear the Regs are a group of completely regular humans with no special abilities or attributes and so on. But, my parents decided that having Regs exist in this world just as Regs was like a filth filled world. And that's how they made my brother and me. Kinda. My brother and i were both made how you know all babies are made except for one small little thing. The day we were born my parents found out we were born without the powers they thought we would have so they did what any crazy intelligent scientist creep would do. They tried to make us the perfect being. Well they kind of succeeded with my brother making him impeccably smart  but they went a little over board with me and i ended up a failed experiment. Well if you looked at me you would think nothing was wrong but in their eyes i was worthless. I had all the things they  wanted me to have except one. The ability to mutate with one simple strand of DNA. The one im fighting with right now and had no idea of. The Royal Lycanthropic Priest blood. Sounds intimidating but it not that bad. They are a rare clan that live in the shadows of this world looking for "special" Royals to expand their clan. But they failed this time, not knowing of the dark little secret lurking in this royal household.

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