In a time that has not yet come a young girl falls in love with the wrong person, but what happens when a treacherous tragedy strikes and leaves her alone in a world unfamiliar to the one that she thought she knew.


2. DNA

            Well back to the story, since she loved the human male so much she decided it would be right to bite him,in an attempt to mutate him, though it's very uncommon among and most definitely unsafe among Regs. But, sadly(sikeeee) and not really surprisingly the male died. In the report they were discussing his body was not able to handle the mutation it was undergoing and within the first stages of mutation he...

           After hearing that I was a bit taken back and caught off guard, thinking back how my own friend who was also a werewolf, did the same to me, though he is most absolutely not one of the Regs and I'm far from a human myself. So, if Loki and me have come to the same conclusion, then I'm going to successfully adapt with this new DNA strand that was implemented into and is coursing through my veins.

           The problem is, that since the first time I saw the bite marks, it didn't seem like they were healing over. But, that's impossible. I have to leave, i have to find out why I'm not healing. I'm going to have to have a little one on one conversation with Loki to straighten this whole mess out and find out why!?!?

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