In a time that has not yet come a young girl falls in love with the wrong person, but what happens when a treacherous tragedy strikes and leaves her alone in a world unfamiliar to the one that she thought she knew.


1. Not Welcomed

       I left my room, in a daze, and a little dizzy with what had happened. But, I failed to realize soon enough the fact that Loki's teeth not only destroyed the "Attachment", but also managed to penetrate my skin. Without noticing, I had stumbled into the living room and "They" were crawling all over the place, those filthy leeches.      

      My brother has been doing business with those Vamps for quite some time, but I would have never imagined him allowing them to step foot into our den, our Fortress of Bliss. 

       As always I introduced myself to the unwelcomed guests. "Hello, nice to see you all again!" I managed to spew out, desperately trying to hide the sarcasm in my voice, which didn't seem to have worked."We all know you don't mean that Sachi," retorted, that bastard Ryunsuke.I slowly covered the bite mark I had on my right shoulder, with my violet colored robe, which so gracefully followed my every movement. My brother Akio and the others continued with their conversation. I was bored, so I hesitatingly stayed and listened to the only conversation that peeked my interest.

       They were all pretty well known famous doctors for their discoveries, so of course, their conversation was filled with many of their unsolved cases and what not. But the story that really caught my attention, was about a (reg) human and a (reg) werewolf. the werewolf was female and had fallen in love (supposedly) to the human male. At the time I really didn't care to pay any attention to their names but at the time I didn't think how important it would be later on in the future... 

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