I can save you (a One Direction fafiction)

After her traumatic event as a young girl, everything has changed for Ella. She has chosen to take out her pain and enflict it on others by killing. After attempting to kill One Directions' Harry Styles, her life was beginning to change.


2. My next victim

I watch and wait. Wait for him to be alone in this cold forest, so I can make my move. I have only one shot at this, I thought. Make it good. I beathe in deeply and think about my preparation for this. I have been watching him from the shadows for the past month, studying him. Watching his every move, every action, every breath. I have been waiting for this moment for weeks.

The first time I saw his face, I knew at once that was someone who never deserved his easy-coming life of fame and fortune. I knew at that exact moment that I wanted to kill him. This menace, this selfish boy. To deprive him of his life, the most important thing in the world. And I was going to steal it, rip it away from his body with my cool, steel blade. He is surrounded by 4 other men, and they were talking quickly. He, however, had his head down, not engaging in the conversation. He looked simply, depressed.

And I loved it. He practically eminated sadness & mourning. His eyes closed, lips pursed and hands in his pockets. He was scrunched together, like he was being weighed down by feelings. I smiled. It was like a scent, like honey, sweet and strong. His grief would not last much longer, because he is going to die. To have his life, his soul, snatched from him with a quick flick of my wrist. His blood will shed onto the dead, frost covered leaves like paint, staining it. Then I will bury him, and people will begin to search. Search for the body they have no way of finding, like the last 6 of the demons.

The men finally left him alone, standing in the midst of the trees. I grinned as snow began to fall, and I shivered under my grey hoodie. He still had his head bent, and even from my distance, I knew he was weeping. I almost felt sorry for the bloke, but this was not a time for regret or turning back. I charged at him, the cold air whipping against my pink, numb skin. He has looked up, and has seen me. He has no chance to run before I jump onto him and we fall to the ground and in no time I have him pinned onto the ground. This was it. I was going to kill Harry Styles.

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