I can save you (a One Direction fafiction)

After her traumatic event as a young girl, everything has changed for Ella. She has chosen to take out her pain and enflict it on others by killing. After attempting to kill One Directions' Harry Styles, her life was beginning to change.


1. I am

You can't see me coming. I am in the shadows, waiting for you, my next victim. I strike when you are alone, bury you, and run. I am a murderer. Why do I do it, you ask?  You ask why would I commit such a sick, twisted crime? Not for fame, not for attention. It's because I like it. I like to take away lives of people who don't deserve what they had.

They're the best at what they do, and they don't care. They don't care they're the best at modeling, singing, dancing, painting, acting. They just shrug their shoulders and do it. For money. Fame. Attention. Joy.
And they don't care, absolutely do not care, about ordinary people. Like you. Like me. Like all of us.

They look down at us in disgust and scowls, and run away. They don't deserve their lives. They never cared, never tried to keep them anyway. That is where I came in. That is when I hunt them. Watch them. For months, before I can kill them. At the right time, right place. Where I can take their life away for good.

You think I'm just a silly little kid. Not right in the mind. That I shouldn't be doing this. But I am. I am killing. And not just killing them. Brutally murdering them, watching them plead with thier eyes. Their wide, innocent eyes. And I strike. I rip them apart, but not a single drop of blood is left where they depart from the world. Because I know what I'm doing. I have seen death, more than anyone has. You can't even begin to imagine what horrors I've been through. You can't stop me. Nobody can. Because I am... a killer.

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