'And They Say She's In The Class A Team...'

This is my entry into the Journalism competition. So as usual any feedback, likes and favourites would be much appreciated!!

My favourite experience in 2012 was going to see the amazing Ed Sheeran and that is what this review is about!! :D


1. A night out in Newport...

It's fair to say 2012 was an amazing year, an amazing year for sport, an amazing year for the monarchy, an amazing year for Britain. But one of my favourite experiences in 2012 was a personal one for me, it had its downs but it was an incredible night, and this is how it goes...

It all started in early March 2012, I'd stood fast by my computer for nearly half an hour, sweat beading off my forehead and finally, finally I'd purchased two tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Newport, Wales. But it was a maaassssiiiivvvveee six month wait till the date with Mr. Sheeran in October. But somehow the months past and suddenly it was the day or evening of 'The Concert!'

So me and my mosh pit companion jumped in the car in plenty of time, blasting his CD through the speakers, we found our way into Wales, paying the obscene £6.00 to get across the bridge, (which is now £6.20!), and all was going well till we hit...The roundabout. One wrong turn, that's all it took, and with nowhere to turn around we were rapidly heading away from Newport and away from Ed. With my mum screaming down the phone to my dad, asking for directions, I was trying to remember this was supposed to an enjoyable evening. But when we arrived, we saw the queue, we could smell the anticipation in the air. The adrenaline kicked in. We swiftly parked the car and ran into the queue that ended round the building next to the beginning of the queue. My excitement was rising the whole time, freezing as I was,        stood in the middle of Wales in my black jean shorts, Ed Sheeran world tour 2012 tee and my white doc martins. More waiting till we entered the promised land, we hit the loo's then entered the room I'd been dreaming of for the last 6 months...

One of the support acts was already playing and wow, he sounded amazing. The room was a nice, intimate size and bonus for my mum we got seats. Passenger, the support act is probably my new love in the music industry but of course I was waiting with baited breath for the man himself. Well I think I've blabbered on enough, after another support act it was fair to say everyone was buzzing for Ed Sheeran. He entered with his guitar, the room went wild, screaming, shouting, pure music love was being emanated towards that stage. Where do I start? I don't honestly know anyone that doesn't love Ed Sheeran and certainly no one that hates him! The songs just bounced around the oval shape hall, from his beat boxing and rapping vibrating the walls to his beautiful notes and shadow dancing round the room, it was a magical two hours. He got he audience involved, singing along and filling in certain parts. I mean, remember he writes all his own songs aswell as an incredible voice. He was funny, making us all laugh and smile through out the whole evening. There was such a sense of shared love in that room, it was really moving. He even got one of his support acts out and did a duet with him. It was a simply astonishing evening.

I can say with a great deal of confidence that I will not forgot my evening with Ed Sheeran for a long time. Because it just goes to prove his awesomeness that it felt just that, a personal date with one of my favourite singer/songwriter. 

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