The Great Glass Roof

Something I wrote at about midnight for like no reason what-so-ever
Anywayy, this is about this girl Nikki and her friend "the guy with the hat"
Basicly they are vampire hunters (or slayers if thats what floats your boat) and they found this vampire to kill. However Nikki made a mistake and that brings you to their current situation :) enjoy!


1. 1

The unworldly creature loomed above Nikki, staring menacingly into her eyes. His fangs bared readying for the kill. She gasped for breath trying to save herself yet with his fangs grazing her neck there was little more she could do.
Suddenly she screamed as her neck was pierced. Yet she felt no blood being sucked out of her. Warily she re opened her eyes to discover the shattered fragments of the great glass roof around her. She grasped the top of the shard of glass that penetrated her neck and wrenched it out. She tasted the metalic taste of blood in her mouth as she held back her scream by biting her tongue.
She saw the vampire standing in the middle of the hall staring upwards. As Nikki watched a rope fell and from it descended a beautiful human girl.
"Alexa!" The beast cried rushing towards the girl, arms outstretched. Nikki protested, fearing for the girls life. She looked away as he grabbed the human; too scared to witness the kill.
After five seconds without a scream she looked back to see them locked in a passionate embrace, eyes widening in shock. After a few seconds came to pass they pulled back lovingly.
"Charles," Alexa said with a small smile.
"Oh how I've missed you Alexa," Charles replied.
"I've come to free you of your curse," she whispered.
"Oh but its no burden." He insisted, cutting off her protests with a deep kiss. "I'm sorry." She murmered within the kiss.

Nikkie thought she had better leave whilst she had her chance so she beckoned to her friend in the hat and headed for the door quietly. They were almost there when someone cleared their throat.

"Where do you think your going?"

They turned back to see the girl. Their eyes widening even more when they spied her putting a bloodied silver stake into her belt. And then it dawned to them that beside her was Charles.
Dead upon the floor.

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