this is a story about how a girl goes from bieng safe and happy with her parents to the chaos her birth father has caused will her past catch up with her or will her newly found friend harry be there to save the day and maybe harry's secret will be revealed


2. How it began...

Hi guys othe than the prologue and the competition movella this is my first time of writing a movellas please comment and tell me what you think and if you have any ideas im all ears.

It began with a day like any other it was raining, AGAIN, it was usual, it was January 20th last year the clouds loomed overhead the pitter patter of the rain soothing me, calming me down, i couldn't deal with this what he done was unacceptable, he killed her!!! he killed my mum!!!my own father killed my mum !!!why? what did she ever do to him? nothing, nothing is what she done to him she was nothing but good to him. he is an evil man one who will one day die  a horrible death only to burn a horrible fate in hell course i wouldn't of said that to his face.I wasn't that stupid! well i was when i was about 8 years old i asked him why my brother hated him so much? and why did Michael ,my brother, leave saying he would die in hell? my question was soon answered his short temper and sheer strength startled me as he pinned me to the wall by my throat saying if i dared ask anything about my brother again then i would stay in a forever sleep out of sheer fear i never asked again.

9 years later...

it was about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and i went to the park with my mates. "oh come on Chloe you gotta celebrate its your big eighteenth birthday I'll tell you what why don't we all go out clubbing seen as we'll all then be off age" Rhiannon said "that would be fun"agreed Jess "yeah come on Chloe you need to get out there" Maddy explained they all saw my face and new what i was gonna say next " oh come on clover (that was my nickname given due due to the time my ex boyfriend Luke said i was a rarity and as he was Irish my annoying friends started calling me clover) its your eighteenth and its not as if he has anything planned he can't even remember when his birthday is let alone yours" complained Jess she is the one who understood what im going through she is going through it herself so im sort of helping her through it so she sort of feels likes she owes me for that one. "excuse me are you Chloe Hurley?"

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