this is a story about how a girl goes from bieng safe and happy with her parents to the chaos her birth father has caused will her past catch up with her or will her newly found friend harry be there to save the day and maybe harry's secret will be revealed


3. family

"do I now you?" I asked him "no, I know your brother he asked me to meet you and to talk to you" he handed me a parcel and an envelope it had a photo album and a locket in side it."he says happy birthday he knows its early but he just wanted you to know he still remembers" the guy said "again who are you?" he looked at me strange "you an half look like him you know, your brother Michael I mean,my names harry, he talks a lot about you he really misses you." he rushed "so harry, if my brother really sent you here then why didn't he come here himself, I mean surely he is physically capable and why hasn't he visited if he missed me then?" I stood there confused " how about we go somewhere else and I'll explain all he said to me, as to why he didn't visit, he said its not safe to visit and it could be too dangerous to you both" I gaped at him "no way am I going anywhere with you I barely know you and anyway why not talk here?" he seemed to be expecting this " he said you'd say that he also said to tell you the word pickles if this were the case I have no idea why he never explained!" I giggled to myself I knew exactly why " OK then I'll go with you but first I want to know where so I can explain to my father where I am" he seemed scared by this "Don't say why! just tell him your going with your mates don't mention me or who I am or why im here and who for!" his eyes were panicked and scared when he said this "OK then, but why not?" I didn't understand what could my dad do that could possibly make him that scary, of course I couldn't remember  back when my brother first left but I guess Micheal was with me more than I ever knew "Don't you remember about nine years ago when your brother left a while afterwards you asked your father why he said a few things and how he reacted?" it all came back to me in a flash the questions, the look in his eyes when he pinned me against the wall even the harsh tone when he demanded I never speak of my brother ,his own son, again "yeah I remember now I must have forgot but how did Michael know? he wasn't there" he paused "well, he told me that when you where at school and your father was out with his mates at the garage he broke into the house to grab the rest of his stuff and then you and your father got back and everything happened when he was upstairs, he saw and heard everything, he was always there or his friends were, The strange looking people always around that seemed to follow you and to watch you really were, as he asked his friends including me to keep an eye on you for safe keeping" he explained.

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