this is a story about how a girl goes from bieng safe and happy with her parents to the chaos her birth father has caused will her past catch up with her or will her newly found friend harry be there to save the day and maybe harry's secret will be revealed


1. WHY? Why did I listen?

by the way guys this is the prologue not chapter 1

"GO AWAY!, Just go away, please, I can't, I just can't."

"You can, I'll be fine, don't worry about me, the only person who can hurt me is you"

Them words, them same words, why did I listen? I didn't believe him, but I had no choice, I knew that no matter what happened, he would follow me, That's what love does to people, it ruin's you, binds you to a complete stranger, for no reason. it can ruin friendships, relationships, everything but I guess im being biased I've experienced one side of love. The side where everything is lost and you end up alone with a gaping whole in your chest, more than the lovey dovey side where everything is perfect and nothing matters, but... the other person. This is the story of how love ruined me, and how it turned my life upside down leaving me with nothing but the clothes on my back. The hope that they wont find me. Who? Well im not completely sure but their out there. I can tell, just there waiting for me to give in. To leave myself exposed! BUT I wont give in I WILL survive...


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