The Boy Next Door

Its about this girl who just moved next door to this boy... They become very close friends when his Mother comes over to welcome them into their new house. During this 'friendship', her step-father pretty much verbally abuses her. Her mother doesnt realize because every time this happens is when she is out and about :)


5. Wait. What?

I was running, I couldnt stop. I was getting scared and it was cold and dark out side. I felt like something was going to kill me. I felt what ever it was it was getting closer and closer. I saw this alley and the first thing I thought was hide Sarah hide!! I ran in to the alley and was walking backwards to make sure who ever or what ever it was it couldnt see me. It was almost 4 A.M. and I was really scared. I was still going backwards when I hit some thing I turn around and....

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