The Boy Next Door

Its about this girl who just moved next door to this boy... They become very close friends when his Mother comes over to welcome them into their new house. During this 'friendship', her step-father pretty much verbally abuses her. Her mother doesnt realize because every time this happens is when she is out and about :)


4. Thanks Harry.

"You dont deserve to be treated that way Sarah." Harry seemed really concerned about me.

"Harry! You scared the living shit outta me!!!!"

"Im sorry..." Now i felt bad for the way I yelled at him like that.

"Its okay I just forgot you were still here, oh and did you hear all of that?"

"Yeah... But are you okay? He seemed pretty rough on you."

"Yeah Im fine. I got used to it." I replied fighting back even more tears.

"I dont think you did get used to it." Once he said that I lost it. I started to cry my eyes out. More than I ever have infront of somebody. Especially a boy. I was crying so much I leaned up against the wall and slide down. Harry grabbed my arms and pulled back up. I managed to calm down a little bit. He looked me straight in the eye and said "Sarah. You cant live like this anymore! How long has he been treating you like this?" He wiped away my tears with his thumb. "Since I was 13..." I looked away if I kept on staring into Harrys eyes I would lose myself again. But even though i looked away that didnt help because i remembered all the happy times i had with my mom before he came along. I slid back down the wall. He Picked me up and sat me on my bed. He gave me a hug and i hesitated but still hugged back. I didnt let go. And neither did I. He started to rub my head. I remember that when i was little thats what my dad would do to me when i was upset. I cried for another ten minutes still in harrys arms. His arms were warm and comforting. After a while I fell asleep. (still in his arms) "sarah, are you up?" "Huh? Oh uh yeah.." "do you want me to stay the night? Your mum said i could well, if it was ok if i wanted." "Yeah I dont mind."

Harry Styles. Sleeping over MY house. Yeah right im probably dreaming. I told harry to get out while i changed. then my phone went off...

I heard youre having a boy sleep over.

It was Bryan.


I really didnt want to respond but i had too.


He hasnt been here that long bryan. Calm down!!

Plus, why do you even care?

He never responded ... I felt relieved. "Can I come in now?"

"Oh um yeah go ahead." Harry walked into my room and the first thing he said was: "Where do I sleep?" I pulled out a sleeping bag "On the floor." He looked at me like i had 3 heads. "Yes on the floor." "Okay ma'am."



I went straight under the covers and went to bed. I didnt want to talk to harry or my mom I needed to think.



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