The Boy Next Door

Its about this girl who just moved next door to this boy... They become very close friends when his Mother comes over to welcome them into their new house. During this 'friendship', her step-father pretty much verbally abuses her. Her mother doesnt realize because every time this happens is when she is out and about :)


3. I didnt want this

I was pretty much freaking the hell out. He was fricken cute. So now we were just kinda sitting there in awkward silence.

"So, harry, you live next door?" yes i know a very dumb question. I had NOTHING else to say. Wow i feel dumb now.

"Uh yeah. Ive lived in that house my hole life." OH MY GOD! His voice is sooo sexy!! I wonder what it sounds  like in the morning...... 

"Sarah? Are you okay?" I guess i got side tracked looking into his beautiful emerald green eyes. The way the light made them sparkle and shine. What am i doing i need to focus.

"What oh um yeah im fine!" I managed to mumble "at least i think so..." Harry was so amazing. His curls just fall perfectly. I know I cant be falling for harry. It just isnt right. Its way too soon. No sarah stop it!

"Are you hungry harry?"

"actually i am. what do you have?"

"well we can make: tacos, waffles, and umm well.... thats kinda it right now."

"can we make tacos? I LOVEEE tacos."

"sure! i love them too."

We made our tacos and made the kitchen a huge mess. I knew my parents would kill me. So we picked up and put everything back where it was. i dint know where my mom wanted to put everything so i just put them back in the boxes.

"So harry, hows that taco?" He wolfed that down in less than 1 minute and i thought that was pretty impressive. "Herh orh urm irts gerd" I bursted out laughing at this point. "Oh my god im sorry!" harry said stilling finishing up that last bite with some embarrassment. "Dont worry about it" I was still laughing while saying it. We started telling stories of us and we really bonded. I felt like i knew him my whole life.

"So harry, got any hobbies?" I was hoping he said he could sing so then i can hear him again.

"Uh yeah. I can sing a bit. Me and my four best friends are in a band. But we only do small gigs. We are finding the right time to go big."

"Oh thats really cool. Who are these friends of yours? Do they sing?"

"Yeah, there is Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. We all sing. I guess you could call us a 'boy band' but we do not dance.. its not our thing you know..."

"Oh thats cool." I really wanted him to sing but i didnt wanna ask him too.. I would seem.. i dunno... odd..

I heard a car door slam shut. "Hold on harry let me see who is here." 


Shit. It was Bryan. If he saw harry, i would be dead. "Um harry follow me."

"uh okay but where are w-"


I took harry up into my room and told him to sit in my closet and keep his mouth shut.

"Hi Bryan."

"Why are you talking to me little brat?"

"Sorry for trying to be nice... Maybe you should try it." Dammit i wish i didnt say that.

"Oooo look at you! Trying to be all big and tough. But all you are is a LYING, DIRTY, COCKBLOCKER, SHIT-HEAD now get the fuck away from me."

I started crying. He always did this to me. I didnt like it a bit. Well before he would try to do things to me that i didnt like. I was only 13. I guess he is like this to me now because when he tried to do the 'stuff' i would refuse.


                                           ~~~HARRYS POV~~~

Wow. Ive never heard somebody so mad before. I wonder why he treats her like this. She doesnt deserve a life like this.

"Bryan?! Why are you so mean to me? I never did anything wrong!"

"Listen you little brat, you made a 40 year old man embarrassed! The only reason I married your mom was because i liked you."

WOAHHH what?!!!! thats not right at all!!!

"Please Bryan. You deserved all of that!!! You had NO right to come into MY life and mess it up. Me and my mom were happy with out your fat ass in this house."

"Oh look at you. Are you proud you are a 18 year old-"


Wow it was pretty intense down there. I heard Sarah running up the stairs crying more than ever.

                                           ~~~SARAHS POV ~~~

That was terrible. I cant believe he was gonna say that. Im just.



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