The Boy Next Door

Its about this girl who just moved next door to this boy... They become very close friends when his Mother comes over to welcome them into their new house. During this 'friendship', her step-father pretty much verbally abuses her. Her mother doesnt realize because every time this happens is when she is out and about :)


2. Hey....

I was confused. The voice was amazing. It was beautiful. Made me speechless. I was going to take a hot shower but when i do i need to sing. It helps me think. But i know for a fact that my singing sucks. If this boy heard me it would be very embarrassing! I plugged in my Iphone into my Ihome and put my music on full blast and hopped into my shower. I sang my favorite songs as loud as i could. I finished and hoped that nobody could hear me!

After my long shower i got ready for my day. I put on my favorite pair of jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch. My shirt from dEliA'S that said I <3 BOYS WITH ACCENTS. I thought it was pretty accurate for where i live now. :) I put on my Methyl blue canvas Vans. I did all my daily things and down stairs and made my self a bowl of cereal. I sat on the couch and put on PLL.

I then heard a knock on my door. I got right up and walked to the door. Who could possibly be coming to my house nobody knows me yet!! It was pretty strange to me. I opened the door and it was a lovely looking lady. "hello Im Anne! Your neighbor!" "hi im Sarah. Its nice to meet you!" "ah you too love! I have son about your age! his name is Harry. i think you guys would get along very well!!"

Oh my god. I am about to meet the boy that was singing next door! I wonder if he is cute?! I hope we would both get along..

"Would you like to meet him?" "Sure, i dont have any friends here yet... we just moved in yesterday" "Aww dont worry! You would be LOVEDDDD here!" "thanks anne... Is it ok if i call you that?" "Of course it is love"

Wow Anne is a really nice person. i dont think i have ever met anybody so nice! to bad my mom isnt home right now! Her and Anne would be like best friends!!

"Well i will go call harry over here!" "okay ill be here!"

Crap! My shirt.. I think that would end up being ummm... AWKWARD!! As anne gets harry i ran into my room and grabbed a sweatshirt and pulled it over my some what wavy blonde hair. I then quickly ran down stairs and by the time i got there they were walking up to the door.

"hi anne" "sarah this is harry, harry; sarah." HOLY SHIT hes cute!!!! "uh hey harry" "sarah" he said smirking up at me. "well i will be back to get you in.... 4 hours? well if you would like to stay then stay! If she wants you too!" "ok mom love you" "love you too baby 

Anne left so it was just me and harry in my house. Probably the cutest guy on earth at MY house. MINE. Geez im having like a ricken panic attack!!!




just to let you guys know, this is for my friend. I have a different imagine for me:) im just not posting it until later on!! :)xx


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