Maybe We Can

Hi my name is Alexandra but they call me Alex, I'm rich, we moved to london and my adventure starts there with 5 boys!


1. Chapter 1

Alex P.O.V: 

"Dad, mom i'm going to take a walk" "Okay honey, be careful don't go very far" "Don't worry i'll ask Sophie if she'll walk with me, bye!!" "Goodbye honey"

It was very hot out side so I wear a short blue tea-chert and a short. I called my bff witch it's Sophie I tolled to get ready and meet me next to a milkshake  bare. 

I ran ot the milkshake bare  and saw Soph standing waiting for me with 2 bottles of water. "Hi" "Hey" We hugged each other, "Were do you want us to go?" Asked Sophie "Let's walk" 
She accepted. 

"Oh Alex I hope we will meet One Direction!!! I mean we are at London and who's there too One Direction!" I giggled "Soph you know that sense Harry is dating ghhhhh I don't want to say her name I not a directioner anymore, cause he cheated on me with her!" 

"Alex... I know that no one knew about you it was a secret! But... Ohhh I don't know what to say!" "Hey let's not talk about them for now! What do you want to do?" "I don't know, but what I know that I'm freaking starving lat's go to Nandos please" I accepted  I know that she wants to go to Nandos cause maybe Niall might be there! I walked backward, looking at Soph talking with her! Then suddenly BOOOMMM I pooped into a person...
                                                                       To be continue 

Hey guys, hoped you liked the story, please comment what you think! 
                                                        Thankss <3


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