Harry's Suprise

This is not your ordinary love fanfic. It's just the boys of One Direction living in a single town in London. It holds hidden bromances and a secret kept from Harry.


2. Settling In

“Alrighty, out you get kitten.” Louis carried the kitten out of the backseat.
Niall smiled adorably at how Louis held the kitten in his muscular arms.
“Should we make a bed for it? And maybe get some food too?” Niall asked.
“Yeah. Let’s drop the kitten off and head around the block. There’s a pet store there right?” Louis looked up from the kitten to Niall.
“Yeah, okay.”
Niall opened the doors to his flat and Louis softly put down the kitten. Niall closed and locked the doors and they hopped back into the car.
Niall tweeted that they found a dog to trick Harry. “Haha, that’ll throw him off.” Niall winked.
“Clever Niall.” They quickly arrived at the store and walked in and looked around. Louis broke the silence. “Okay, what kind of food do you reckon? I’ve never had a cat before.”
Niall looked at the cans and bags and boxes of food and noticed something. “Oi, look, they’re sorted by age. How old to you reckon it is? I’d say about a year… but I really haven’t a clue.”
“Whatever,” Louis said as he grabs random cans. “Here, take the food and go choose out a bed. I’ll get the litter and a box. We’ll have to make an appointment for the vet later… Vaccinations and stuff.”
“Ugh,” Niall complained, “This is so much work… But okay.” Niall went over to the beds and looked at the sizes and styles.
They met up at the register 15 minutes later with arms full of cat goods. Louis says, “Found the perfect one yet?”
“Yup,” Niall said as he dumped the food and bed on the counter.
Louis paid for all the stuff with a smile on his face. They walked out of the store with a bag full of kitty goods.
“We better get home fast before the kitty wees on everything.” Niall pointed out.
“Right,” Louis said as he started to speed walk. “Okay, two things. First, is it a boy or a girl? Second, should we name it? Or leave that to Haz?”
Niall started jogging a bit because speed walking looks funny with a bag load of kitty stuff. “Louis, you look like an idiot!” Louis started to jog as well. “And I’ll check when we get back. Also, we should name it. Because by the time we give it to him, it’ll be too long to go without a proper name. He could change it if he wants.”
“Nah, if we name it he has to keep the name. Don’t confuse the poor kitty.” Louis said as reckoned they should’ve driven even though the rain had stopped.
They finally arrive at Niall’s front door and Niall fumbled with the key. He got the door open and they practically fell through the front door. “Aww look Lou,” Niall said as he spotted the kitten, “She’s waiting for us.”
“So it’s a girl then?” Louis grimaced.
“Yeah…” Niall puts down his bag.
Louis smiled tentatively. “So, where should we set her up?”
Niall looked around. “How about in my room in the corner or by the door. Or maybe down here in the living room.” Niall then pointed at the ground.

"What?" Louis looked down at the kitten that was rolling around on the floor. "Aww, she? She loves it here already!"

"This is too adorable Lou!" Niall sat on the ground and the kitten walked into his arms and sat on his lap.

"Aww, she loves you! Start thinking up a name while I do this." Louis started rustling about in the bag.

Niall thought to himself while he stared and adored the kitten. "Cuddles...Fluffy...Paws...Tiger..."

"Hmmm, something different."

"This is actually quite difficult, Louis."

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