Harry's Suprise

This is not your ordinary love fanfic. It's just the boys of One Direction living in a single town in London. It holds hidden bromances and a secret kept from Harry.


5. Relaxing

When the two cars pulled up the Louis’ flat, Harry was already waiting outside, looking quite cold on the empty doorstep. They all walked up to him and saw that he really was cold and shivering.
“Louis!” Harry said, teeth chattering. “What took you so long?”
“Louis chuckled and shrugged. “Oh, I’d just thought you drove as slow as you talked.”  He pulled Harry into a hug as he unlocked the doors to his flat and they all walked gratefully into the warmth of Louis’ home.
“So watcha guys wanna dew?” Louis asked with a teasing note in his voice with prancing around his living room like a fairy princess.
Zany pulled a concerned face. “Lou, are you ok?” he asked as he sat down on the couch, arms crossed, next to Liam. Niall on the other hand made his way straight into the kitchen.
Louis stopped prancing and gestured to the couch. “Hazza. Sit.” Harry, whose curls were still frozen stiff, was looking around the house still warming up, but obeyed. After Harry had nestled himself into the warmth Louis plopped onto his lap.
Harry gave a loud, “OOF!” as Louis sprawled his legs across everyone on the couch and made himself comfortable in Harry’s lap as if it was only place he could sit.
Louis grinned down at Harry, their bodies’ now creating warmth, “Sorry Haz.”
Niall called from the kitchen, “Hey Lou, got any crisps?”
Louis looked up from Harry’s gaze and pointed to one of the top cupboards. “Yeah, in the cupboard nearest the fridge.” After he said it, he sank lower into Harry’s lap, curled up and rested his head on the armrest of the couch.
Niall called back, “Thanks Lou.” He opened the cupboard Louis had indicated and pulled out six bags of crisps. He walked into the living room and took a look at Louis on Harry’s lap. “Well, you look comfortable.”
Louis closed his eyes and smiled. “Very.”
Harry put a devious grin on his face and said, “Not for long.”
Louis’ eyes shot open and he managed to mutter a “wuh” before Harry began full on tickling him everywhere.
Louis couldn’t stop laughing with Harry’s hands attacking his stomach and neck. Between breaths and loud laughs he tried to say, “Harry!” and “Stop it!” But Harry was relentless. They had ended up on the floor in the middle of the room and Louis was panting extra hard after he finally managed to pin Harry’s hands to the floor to get him to stop tickling him.
Sucking in as much air as possible, Louis had Harry restrained under him. The exchanged a sincere gaze before Louis asked, “Done?”
Harry was in now hysterics himself thinking back to Louis’ reactions and squirming. “Sure.” But before Louis could get off Harry to let him up Niall opened his arms and fell flat on top of them.
Harry let out another loud “OOF” and a few choice swear words. Then Zayn and Liam jumped on top the heap of boys, laughing their heads off. Harry attempted to roll and successfully got all the boys off him, sending them all over the room in laughing fits.
Louis managed to say, “Idiots” in between his own laughs. Niall grabbed a bag of crisps and agreed, “Such idiots,” shoving a few crisps in his mouth.
Louis wanted some crisps so he opened his mouth to Niall and said, “Crisp me.”
Niall shoved at least seven crisps into Louis’ mouth and said, “Haha there you go!” He shoved some more into his own mouth.
“Ahh nahh tha musshh niaaa-,” Louis said trying to chew his mouthful of crisps.
Harry, Zayn, and Liam were already back on their feet. Louis looked at Harry. “Hazza, help me up?” Harry grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. Louis brushed himself off. “Thanks mate.”
"Let’s watch some Fear actor." Louis said referring to his favourite show. He plopped down on the couch and patted where he wanted Harry to sit. "Sit Hazza.”

“Come on boys! I'm not getting any younger!" Louis screamed at the boys. Liam and Zayn rushed towards the couch.

"Alright, please calm down Louis!" Liam said.

"Okay, I'm coming." Zayn said while he sat himself down.

"Yo, I'm coming, just gotta grab some more food." Niall ran into the kitchen again.

"Grab me a pack of crisps Niall!" sassed Louis.

"Alright, alright man!" Niall grabbed Louis' crisps and ran back to the couch and jumped to sit but accidentally landed on Zayn’s leg.

"Ouch! Are you trying to break my leg?"

"I know the feeling." Harry glared at Louis who was now curled up against him.

"Sorry." Louis squeaked, looking up at Harry whose arms were securely around Lou.

"Ah, sorry Zayn. You know how I like to jump. Well, turn the tellie on." Niall started to munch on some crisps.

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