Harry's Suprise

This is not your ordinary love fanfic. It's just the boys of One Direction living in a single town in London. It holds hidden bromances and a secret kept from Harry.


6. Panic

The power suddenly went out. "Ahhh! What happened?" Niall screamed in shock. He unlocked his phone to use it as a flashlight. "It's so dark!

"Lou, I'm scared." Harry said in a worried voice.

"It's okay, I'm right here for you." Louis said as he cuddled Harry.

"What happened?" Zayn looked around but could see nothing except for the light beam from Niall's phone.

"I don't know, but we better check that it's not just us...come on Haz." Louis grabbed Harry's wrist and headed out the door. Liam, Zayn and Niall followed him but tripped.

"Ow! Oh no! My crisps!" Niall cries.

Louis looked across the street to see many confused people.

"Oh no...Niall..." Louis jutted his head towards Niall's house. "Now."

"Yeah, okay." Niall said then he snuck away slyly so Harry wouldn't notice.

"Come back inside Haz and help me look for some candles." Louis and Harry searched through the cabinets and drawers while Liam and Zayn looked for flashlights.

After they had found candles and a flashlight, the house was decently illuminated. Louis’ phone rang shortly after he had finished lighting the last candle.
“Hello?” he asked hesitantly.
“Louis!” said the Irish accent on the other end, “She’s fine, but what do I do with her?” He sounded frantic and utterly clueless.
“Okay, listen,” he said quietly making his way towards the toilet. “Get a box, cut a few holes in it, and take her to my mum’s. You can tell her the whole story. She only lives a few minutes away, so you should be back in five minutes. Bring a flashlight, Hurry Niall!”
Louis ended the call and heard someone outside of the bathroom door. He flushed the toilet, and wet his hands.
“Boo?” called the deep, Cheshire accent.
“Yeah Haz? I was just using the loo, I’ll be out in a sec. What’s wrong?”
He opened the door and looked at Harry quizzically. “What happened?”
“Nothing,” Harry said, not meeting his eyes. “I was just wondering where you were.”
“Oh, okay then.”
Louis hears the front door open and quickly looks in the direction of the door then hears it shut close.
“Lads! I’m back!” Niall shouts out into the darkness. “I brought some flashlights.”
“Oh goodie, we really need those. Thanks Nialler.” Says Liam as he grabs the two flashlights out of Niall’s hands and gives one to Zayn.
Suddenly, all the lights turn back on.
“Yay! We got our power back!” Cheered Harry walking with Louis into the living room.
“I’ve got an idea boys, so listen.” Sassed Louis. “We should do some twitter following and let our fans know that we’re all okay.”
“Good idea, let’s do this.” Encouraged Zayn.
The boys all powered up their laptops and logged onto twitter. They tweeted “Hey beautiful Directioners! We’re all fine and about to do some following so tag #followme1d for a follow ! go go go ! x” After the boys followed 100+ accounts each, Louis decides that it’s time for Harry to receive his little surprise.
“Niall, I think it’s time. Tell the rest of the boys that you’re going to get some food at Nando’s and head over to my Mum’s instead and pick up the kitten too. Be quick.” Ordered Louis.
“Alright, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” Niall whispered to Louis. “Lads! I’m gonna go pick up some food for us! I’ll be back in a bit!”

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