Harry's Suprise

This is not your ordinary love fanfic. It's just the boys of One Direction living in a single town in London. It holds hidden bromances and a secret kept from Harry.


4. Meeting the Mates


Louis opens the door with a rather large bag. "Niall? I'm back." Louis walked cautiously into the living room because all was quiet. He stops dead in his tracks and whispers: "Isn't that the goddamned cutest thing ever?"

Niall was fast asleep on the couch with Mittens on his chest.

Louis walked quietly over to Niall and picked up the kitten that was still fast asleep and placed her in her bed. He went back over to Niall and shook him softly. “Niall? Niall. Nialler, wake up.”
“Mehh??” Niall says rubbing his eyes. “What? I’m up, I’m up.”
Louis laughed. “How’d you fall asleep so fast?” He crossed his arms and slowly sank onto the couch.
“I was chasing Mittens up and down the stairs.” Niall said leaning back tiredly.
“Wow, Niall Horan tired? That cat must’ve wiped you out. You’re usually a big ball of never ending energy.” Louis thought for a second. “I think… we should call over Liam and Zayn. Let them in on the little secret.
“Okay,” Niall said in agreement. “I’ll call Liam, go call Zayn. What about Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie?”
“Nah, just the four of us,” Louis said grinning.
“Alright Lou,” Niall said standing up and reaching in his pocket for his mobile. “Just us boys.”


~15 minutes later~

The four boys were gathered in a circle petting and taking turns holding Mittens.
“Guys, guys,” Niall said warningly. “Careful, she isn’t vaccinated yet.”
Three pairs of hands shot back. “Oh, right man, sure.” Zayn said cautiously.
Liam stared adoringly at the kitten. “Oh aren’t you just the cutest thing everrr. Oh my gosh I love you so much. I want to just eat you up you cute little cupcake you.”
Niall picked Mittens up. “Well, she looks tired, I’m gonna put her to sleep.
Liam still looked mesmerized. “Aww you put that adorable little fur ball back to sleep. She is just the cutest thing everrrrr.”
Zayn looked a bit concerned. “Liam, chill out.” Liam frowned.
“Alright,” Louis said breaking the silence. “Let’s go grab a drink. Niall have you got any?”
Niall started at him completely gob smacked.
“Stupid question, right, sorry.” He walked into the kitchen with the rest of the boys in his wake.
Liam looked around. “Wait, where’s Harry?”
Louis looked at Niall slyly. “Niall, would you like to share the news?”
“Alright,” Niall said with a smile. “Liam, this cute kitten we found on the street is Harry’s surprise gift. We’re waiting for a special occasion.” Niall smirked at Liam, then at Louis. “Oh, and all the drinks are in the fridge.”

Louis sat on the counter and sipped his drink. Less than a second after the liquid hit his tongue he did a spit take. “NIALL! WHAT IS THIS?” Louis’ eyes opened wide and he looked frantically at the drink with no label.
Niall looked extremely confused. “…beer?”
Louis squinted at Niall. “Niall. Really.”
Niall just shrugged and took a swig of his own drink. Louis got up and set down the drink. Liam and Zayn were leaning over the counter and sniggering, but Louis didn’t notice. He reached into the fridge and pulled out a juice pouch uncertainly. He opened it and sipped it, then sat back onto the counter. “I don’t trust you now.”
Niall was still confused. “Sorry Lou.”
Louis shrugged, “S’okay… I feel bad Hazza not being here right now. What if he calls one of us?” Louis left everyone to their thoughts then said, “Let’s go back to my flat and invite him over. Mittens should be fine.” Everyone agreed and Louis went to go call Harry.
“Wait,” Niall protested. “I thought he was golfing today?”
“Nah got cancelled.” Louis replied. “Not a clue why though.” He dialed Harry on his mobile and he picked up on the third ring.
“Hello?” said the deep, familiar voice on the other end.
“Hazza? Come to my flat in five? Okay… Yeah… All of us… Niall’s… Bring food. And drinks. See you.” He hung up and pointed to Zayn. “Zayn, you’re driving me. I need to leave my car here. Liam, you can drive Niall.”
Everyone followed his instructions mumbling things like, “Mr. Sassy Pants.” And “Okay boss.”
Louis danced out the door and blew Mittens a kiss. Niall was the last one out and called to the kitten, “Be good now!”

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