Harry's Suprise

This is not your ordinary love fanfic. It's just the boys of One Direction living in a single town in London. It holds hidden bromances and a secret kept from Harry.


3. Making A Home

Louis admired his handy-work. "There, nice and cozy for the kitty. Show her where her bed is. Have you thought of a name yet?" Louis questioned Niall. "How about...Mittens? Cuddly enough?" Louis chuckled at himself and looked soundly at the kitten.

Niall cuddled the kitten in his arms and walks over to the bed. "Here ya go kitty, right in there is your bed...Mittens? It could work, I guess."

"Good enough for now I guess." Louis said while he smiled. "So, I guess she's staying here with you?"

"Yeah, I think she's attached to me I guess. Help me here for a while. Feeding and training her where to do her business. Niall looked down and smiled at the tri-colored cat.

"Sure! We could make it a week long sleep over then?" Louis grins.

"Alright, thanks Lou for stayin.”

"No prob, this is both of our responsibility. Until we giver her to Haz that is."

"Yes. Christmas was it? Or is that too long do you reckon?"

"Dunno. Maybe whenever a special occasion pops up. I reckon if we keep her too long we'll get way too attached and not wanna give her up." Louis stuck his hands into his pockets, shrugged, and looked knowingly at the kitten curled up in her bed.

"Okay, that makes sense. Good plan, Louis. So do we feed her now, take her to the vet now or tomorrow?"

"I'll feed her...crap, forgot to get food bowls! Tomorrow...we should probably get her to the vet tomorrow too. Can I use some of your bowls? I'll feed her. Call the vet."

"Okay. The bowls are in the cabinet." Niall pointed to the top cabinet. "And I'll call them now."

Louis walked into the kitchen and reached into the cabinet. He filled the bowl with cat food and placed it in front of the hungry kitten. "Okay, what time tomorrow?"


"Sure thing. Alright, give me 20 minutes. I need to go to my flat and get some stuff." Louis walked to the door and turned around. He points to the kitten. "Keep her entertained and...brush her."

"Alrighty." Niall petted and cuddled Mittens while he listened to her purr.

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