Harry's Suprise

This is not your ordinary love fanfic. It's just the boys of One Direction living in a single town in London. It holds hidden bromances and a secret kept from Harry.


7. A New Owner

**So sorry! This part is really short! I hope you like this last part :) feel free to give feedback :)**
Niall arrives back at the house with a bagful of Nando’s and the box with Mittens in it. He opens the door and sees the boys where they were when he left previously. He sets the Nando’s on the counter and heads over to Harry with the box.

“Harry, Louis and I have a surprise for you. We think that you’ll really like it.” Simultaneously, Niall and Louis smirk at Harry. Harry takes the box from Niall’s hands and takes off the lid. Mittens pops out and looks Harry in the eyes.
“Awwwwww! She’s so adorable! Where did you get her? Did you name her yet?” Harry excitedly asked.
“We found it on the street alone. We already got her fixed and she’s clean. We named her Mittens but you can change it to something else if you like Haz.”
“Naw, Mittens is perfect. Thanks so much boys, you are truly the best.” Harry hugged Niall and Louis tightly and went back to caressing Mittens; which was the start of a wonderful bond between man and cat.

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