Harry's Suprise

This is not your ordinary love fanfic. It's just the boys of One Direction living in a single town in London. It holds hidden bromances and a secret kept from Harry.


1. The Finding


It was a cold, rainy, winter day in London. And Louis was bored out of his mind. So he called up one of his best friends, Niall. The phone rang three times before that all-too-familiar Irish accent answered.

“Hello?” Niall answered, clearly bored as well.
“Hey Nialler! You wanna go grab lunch? I was thinking Nando’s?” Louis said enthusiastically as possible in his bored state.
“Hey Lou, and sure! I’m starving!”
“Okay great, I’ll be there in five. Be ready.”
“Aright man, see ya.”
Louis hung up the phone and hopped into his car. Niall dressed quickly into his favorite tank top and shorts.
Five minutes later Louis pulled up in front of Niall’s flat and calls Niall back.
“I’m here buddy!” Louis screams through the phone.
“Aight! Wait! I forgot snacks for the car ride!”
“Oh, hurry up then.”
“Okay, okay.” Niall said with a mouthful of crisps.

Niall dashed back into his house and three minutes later Louis greeted him. He leaned over to open the passenger side door as a slightly wet Niall, whose arms were full of food, climbed in.
“So, Nando’s?” Louis said as he rests his hands on the steering wheel. He looked thoughtfully over at Niall who was munching away as if they weren’t going to eat right now.
“OF COURSE!” Niall said through yet another mouthful of crisps.
Louis drove away cautiously through the pouring rain, but Niall soon stopped him.
“Aww, look at that kitten, it’s so cute!” Niall pointed happily.
“Yeah,” Louis said back, “It’s also wet and cold.” He opened his door and dashed through the rain to the kitten. He scooped it up in his arms and ran back to the car.
Louis looked thoughtfully back at the kitten. “So, a present for Haz? Or our little secret?” Louis gave a smirk.
Niall thought for a second, and then grinned. “How about both?”
Louis then pulled away and continued the drive to Nando’s.
“So, let’s listen to some music!” Niall screamed while he turned on the radio.
Louis jammed to the music blaring out of the speakers while Niall was head banging.

~15 minutes later~

“After you.” Louis said opening the door to Nando’s.
“Tanks man!!” Niall ran inside and quickly reserved a table.
Louis rolled his eyes and walked over to the table of Niall’s choice.
“What do you want Lou?” Niall asked
Louis thought for a second, “Whatever you get.”
“Okay great.” When the waitress came over, Niall ordered five different things off of the menu.
“Okay,” Louis decided, “Maybe I’ll just have half of that.”

~20 minutes later~

The food quickly arrived at their table.
“Ooo, this looks good Niall.” Louis said as began to eat.
Niall dug in and finished what’s on his plate in a matter of minutes. “Are you gonna finish that Lou?”
Louis pushed his plate towards Niall. “Nah, have it.” Louis folded his arms on the table silently wondering how a person can eat that much food.
Niall finished Louis’ plate and wiped his mouth clean with a napkin. “Well, I’ll go pay.”
Louis pulled back Niall by his arm. “On me.”
Niall tried to protest but Louis was already halfway there. He walked over the register, handed over the check, and paid.
“Well thanks Louis,” Niall said when Louis returned. “Next one’s on me though.” Niall gave a smirk and Louis replied with a wink.
“Let’s go then. What’s next on the list?” Louis said putting on his coat.
Niall stopped for a second. “Um, Louis? Where did you leave the cat?”
“Left it in the car. Why?” Louis thought it over. “Wait… Shouldn’t have done that should I?” Louis winced then placed his hand under his chin rethinking what he’d done.
“Oh Jesus Louis! That little thing could’ve died!” Niall bursted out of Nando’s and headed straight for the car.
Louis frowned and followed close behind Niall. He unlocked the doors. “See? It’s fine. Nothing to worry about.”
“Oh thank goodness. Didn’t want Harry’s present to die!” Niall breathed a sigh of relief.
“Well no one would want that. He’d be crushes because you’d be bound to mention it at some point and I’d be forced to tell him about it!”
“Okay, it’s okay,” Niall breathed. “So where are we going now?”
“Your choice I guess. Mall? We could jump on the beds in IKEA?” Louis shrugged and looked at Niall for a response.
“I don’t know, man. I don’t wanna get mobbed again.”
“Oh, right… hmm…” Louis shrugged again, clearly out of ideas. “… I really don’t know. Back to your flat then?” Louis slid into the driver’s side and shut the door.
“Sure I guess so.” Niall hopped in the car, closed the door, and glanced back at the cat to see if it’s okay.
Louis pulled the car away, headed to Niall’s flat.

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