How to Save a Life - Harry Styles

Harry Styles was Stephanie's best friend ever since they met when they were little. Stephanie has tried to kill herself multiple times, but Harry has saved her life every time. The two end up growing feelings for each other, and eventually, save each other's lives once more.


1. Feelings.


     "Oh come on you chicken. Just jump into the pool!" Harry shouted. I was currently standing on the deck of Harry's backyard pool, debating whether or not to jump in. It was the middle of the night so it was chilly, a typical mid-Summer night. "Stephanie. Get in the pool. Now." I have never heard my best friend's voice so serious.

      "But Harry! It's going to be cold!" I whined as I clutched my towel.

     "Chicken. Stephanie's a chicken!" He yelled so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear. He started making chicken noises as he swam around the pool.

      "Oh, very mature Haz." I retorted.

      "That's it. Harry climbed up the ladder of the pool and put me over his shoulder. I banged on his back with my fists and yelled at him to put me down, but it was no use. Within seconds I was thrown into the pool. I swam back up to the surface and glared at Harry who was laughing hysterically on the deck. I swam to the edge, grabbed his hand while he wasn't paying attention, and pulled him into the pool.

      "Not fair Steph!" He pouted.

      "Totally fair Haz." I smirked.

      "All right. I'm getting out." Harry said and swam to the ladder.

      "When I'm finally in the pool, you decide to get out? Thanks Haz."

     "Well I threw you in. There's a difference." He smirked as he climbed up the ladder. He grabbed his towel, dried up, and walked into the house. I did the same and ran upstairs to change into my PJs. "Cute jammies." He said after i came downstairs. Harry and I are best friends, we have been for the longest time. Yes, he was a year older than me but what difference does that make?

     "I would say the same but you're in your boxers." I smirked and sat down on the couch.

     "Get over here." He pouted. I stood up and sat on his lap. "You know Steph, there is something I've been wanting to say for a while now. I... I don't know how you'll react but, here goes," he took a deep breath. "I love you Steph." He looked down at the floor after speaking those four words. Harry loved me? He's my best friend. And... How could anyone ever love me? I'm an insecure, suicidal mess...

     "S-Steph?" He asked, trying to get my attention..

     "I love you too Harry." His face lit up and he crashed his lips to mine. The kiss was amazing. I swear I felt sparks fly. Harry pulled away and looked me in the eyes.

     "I have always loved you Steph. I hae just been too chicken to admit it. And... I just want you to be mine." His voice shook when he spoke.

     "Of course I'll be your's Harry." He face lit up once again and he kissed my lips. "I love you Harry."

     "I love you too Steph." That was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep in his arms. 

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