Moments In Time

Torn replayed in Nialls head as Lauren told him. No. This couldn't happen. Not to Lauren. Not to anyone.

Niall has fallen in love. Everything is perfect - the too good to be true kind of perfect - so of course, something has to go wrong. And it does. Niall is devastated. Can things get any worse?


1. 1

'We have one seat left. Any takers?' The voice boomed over the loudspeaker. I walked over to the guy in charge and he directed me to the seat. I sat down, hoping I wouldn't be sat next to some loser. I looked across at the boy as I strapped myself in. 

'He- wait, are you Niall Horan?' My eyes widened as I realised that I wasn't sitting next to some loser - I was sitting next to one of the hottest guys on the planet!

'Yeah, that's me. Hey, thanks for not going all crazy on me. It makes a nice change.' Niall smiled at me, and I was surprised to see it was a genuine smile. I suddenly came over all self conscious, I was sitting next to Niall Horan, One Direction member! 'So what's your name?' 

'Me? Oh, of course me, it's Lauren.' My that point the staff had checked all of the belts and the roller coaster rolled out from under the cover. As we went outside into the bright sunshine, Niall half yelled 'Nice to meet you Lauren!' 

Wow. This day could not get any better. This was just perfect. I was sitting on a roller coaster, twisting through the air, sat next to Niall Horan. But, I was absolutely terrified of heights. As we started looping through the air, I kind of started screaming a bit. 

'SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!' This was the first time I'd been on a roller coaster, which is quite embarrassing to admit. I heard Niall laughing next to me, his voice carried away by the wind. He put his arms up in the air and I did the same. Even though we were going at some speed, I could still see his arm muscles right there in front of me. Oh my god. It felt unreal. 

We drew back into the station and stopped. Niall looked at me and laughed. 

'You don't like rides like that then?' I blushed and admitted that I had never been on one before. 'Want to go again then?' 


Four rides later and I was still with Niall. 

'Lauren, I'm hungry! I need my food, wanna go get something with me?'  He looked at me and I laughed. I felt more comfortable now, after all he had seen me screaming like a little kid. 

'Yeah sure, but I got no idea where the Food Court is!' 

'Trust me, I know exactly where it is!' He looked at me. 

'I should have guessed Niall,' I said, and he laughed.

We walked over to the restaurant, Niall walking with his head down to try to avoid being noticed. He ordered a cheese burger with fries and I got the same (but slightly smaller!) and we sat in the corner, chatting.

I still couldn't believe it; I was at a theme park eating a cheese burger and fries with Niall Horan.

'Are you a fan?' Niall looked at me. I wasn't expecting this question!

'Yeah, I love One Direction, you're great!' He laughed and gave me one of his fries - a very small one - as a sort of thank you gesture. 

'I'm sharing my food with you, feel honoured!' We joked round like that for a few hours, before I had to leave. 

'Hey, Lauren, have you got your phone with you?' I got it out and put it on the table. He unlocked it and started typing something in, then put it back on the table. 

'What was that about?' I asked. 

'Oh, nothing.' He smiled secretively at me. What had he done? I got up to leave and awkwardly said goodbye. 'Don't worry, I'll see you again!' I doubted that, but then I realised what he did on my phone. I played along anyway and pretended to be clueless. 

'Really? Well, I hope so, but I don't see how! You're, well, you!' He laughed again, for like the tenth time that day, and said goodbye. 

I walked away, towards the car park where my mum was waiting for me. 

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