Lost In Love

Maria Adele Creme is 16 years old and she lives in London. She hasn't had much luck in love, but when she gets the chance to go to a camp in California she jumps at the chance - her best friend tagging along. Little did she know, her whole life would chance from that very decision...


13. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.

Maria's P.O.V


I went into the small cubicle and started changing my clothes to my bikini. Its weird, I thought, to fall in love so fast. To make the world change in a footstep. Oh well, guess that's what life does to you.

I then got changed and opened the door into the pool. 

Gale was there. Leaning against the metal ladder. Gazing into my eyes, smiling. "Hey." He half-whispered as I walked over to him. "Nice bikini, Lime Green?" He asked.

"Yea," I blushed. "My favourite colour." I moved my eyesight to the pool, noticing Kian and Kailee kissing. I laughed. "Get A Room!" I shouted. They both turned round, laughing instead of blushing. What a perfect couple they made. 

"CANNONBALL!" Gale yelled, I chuckled and ran for the pool - jumping in. When I was under, I swam for the others (who were now in the pool). I looked up before I surfaced; great. They hadn't noticed me yet. I slowly, yet carefully, reached for Kailee's hand. When I took it, I yanked it under water as she screamed. I also heard a gasp and a chuckle. The next thing I knew, was blackness. 



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