Lost In Love

Maria Adele Creme is 16 years old and she lives in London. She hasn't had much luck in love, but when she gets the chance to go to a camp in California she jumps at the chance - her best friend tagging along. Little did she know, her whole life would chance from that very decision...


24. We've Got The Moves!

Kailee's P.O.V

"See! I told you I wasn't bad at that game!" I reminded Maria, trying to push aside the fact that I still lost.

"Ok, ok!" Maria surrended, holding up her hands. We both laughed as we turned the corner and found the boys getting ready to play the dance game. Maria and I ran over to them.

"Oh, you think you've got the moves do ya?" I asked Kian, smiling. He chuckled at me and gave me a quick peck on my cheek. I smiled and changed the settings on the game to four players. I added mine and Maria's names and then turned to the boys.

"We'll see about that!" We both laughed.

"Oh it's on!" The boys said in unison. The music started up and the arrows began to flash on the dance floor. We were in teams: 'Kian and Gale vs Kailee and Maria'. The boys had no chance; I knew we were going to win.

After half an hour of playing, the scores were 8-3 to the girls! Maria and I jumped up and high-fived eachother, before collapsing in hysterics. The boys stared at the screen, then at us.

"We've got the moves!" Maria and shouted and I agreed.

"We let you win!" They said, laughing. We moved away from the dance game and Maria and I ran over to the air hockey table. The boys stayed talking where they were before coming over to us.

"We're going to the gift shop, babe" Gale said to Maria, slipping his hand round her waist. I smiled, as Kian came over to me and gave me a hug.

"Ok hun" She replied, pecking his cheek. They gave us both a wave and walked off. Maria turned to me.

"Hey, Kai. Don't you think the boys are acting kind of strange? I mean, they keep having secret little talks? It seems a bit wierd." She stated, still concentrating on the game. I thought for a moment.

"Yeah I know what you mean" I shook my head to let all the questions dissapear. After the game finished, we wandered off to find the boys. I linked arms with Maria and smiled.


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