Lost In Love

Maria Adele Creme is 16 years old and she lives in London. She hasn't had much luck in love, but when she gets the chance to go to a camp in California she jumps at the chance - her best friend tagging along. Little did she know, her whole life would chance from that very decision...


25. Us

Maria's P.O.V

Kailee and I finished off our game of Air Hockey - myself losing 6-3. Kailee always had the upper hand in arcade games - most of them anyway. "C'mon, lets go and find the boys." I said, putting out my arm.

Kailee linked up with me smiling, "Ok. Wonder what they were gonna buy." I smiled back at her as we wandered to the back of the Arcade - the giftshop section. "Hm; can't see them anywhere." Kailee mentioned. I rolled my eyes at her obvious comment; dragging her over to the violent arcade games. 

As predicted, they were shouting their heads off at thugs on the huge screen. "Boys." I said. They didn't hear me. "Boys!" I said, a little louder. Instead they just laughed, as they shot off a dudes head. "BOYS!" I yelled. They dropped their guns, shocked at how loud I was speaking. "Jesus! You could stop a crowd at the Olympics." Kian chuckled, turning around and smiling. He walked over to Kailee, and pulled her into a warm embrace. Gale smiled at me too, stroking my cheek. I chuckled, leaning in to kiss his cheek. 

We hugged quickly as a group and strolled back to the dorm.

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