Lost In Love

Maria Adele Creme is 16 years old and she lives in London. She hasn't had much luck in love, but when she gets the chance to go to a camp in California she jumps at the chance - her best friend tagging along. Little did she know, her whole life would chance from that very decision...


17. Coming Back

Marias P.O.V

It was horrible, being kept in the hospital we had over night. Being away from my friends, and Gale. Yes they came to visit once, but it seemed  they didn't feel like themselves. Gale especially. He looks torn, like my hurting made him hurt.

I kept asking for water, but often they refused. The nurses didn't want me throwing up things again. I was only too glad when daylight came. 

"Can I go home now?" I whined, like a six year old kid would. "I've had my breakfast and didn't throw up allllll night!" I'd had Special K, my favourite. At least there was one good thing about being stupidly hurt.

"I guess, but let me ring someone to come and ge-" She began.

"Kian." I quickly interjected. "Kian.

"Sure Hun." And she tottered off.

I thought Kian would be the easiest. Gale would be too quiet and Kailee would be crying and too welcoming. Kian, well, we hadn't had enough time to know each other yet. Kian would be perfect to have a little chat to and walk me to the dorm. I traced my fingers around my palm, over and over again until the nurse came back. I nodded and looked at the door, waiting. 

"Hello, Maria." He smiled.

"Haie Kian." I breathed. "Lets go, thanks nurse! For everything." We went out the door, and onto the path. "So whats been happening?"


"Oh come on, don't 'nothing' me!" I teased.

"No really. Nothing has been happening. Gale has been still as a statue, Kailee has been crying and me? I've been waiting for the news and comforting Kailee."

"Oh, Im not that special you know. No one has needed to miss me." He started to talk but I changed the subject quickly. "So. Only three weeks left huh? Weird, gone quickly."

"I guess. Love Is blind."

"'True Dat'" I Mocked and we laughed. "Can you hold me while I go up the stairs? Nurse said to be careful."

"Sure." He took my hand and my other shoulder. "How you feeling?"

"Dead," He stared at me. "Joking, Joking! Haha, I'm ok I guess, you?"

"Good, now that you're better." He smiled. "Its been, how do I put it...Boring." I burst out laughing as we reached the third set of stairs, there were five.

"I didnt know I was lively!" I smiled

"Sure are." He winked. I giggled again and looked up the stairs for some strange reason.

"Gale?" I breathed swiftly, my heat skipping a beat. He turned around.

"Maria!" He almost yelled with excitement. He started running down the stairs, and into my waiting arms. Kian stepped back, being polite. "Oh god, have I missed you." With that, he layered his lips onto mine.   

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