Lost In Love

Maria Adele Creme is 16 years old and she lives in London. She hasn't had much luck in love, but when she gets the chance to go to a camp in California she jumps at the chance - her best friend tagging along. Little did she know, her whole life would chance from that very decision...


21. Bright, Bright Bieber

Maria's P.O.V

We laughed as the boys spun us round and round, having a ball. My arms pushed against Gale's chest, pushing him over. We both laughed again as his body 'thumped' against the sand. God, I loved this boy. To show it, I placed my lips upon his gently; but kissed with passion. Curling one hand around his neck, I slowly moved the other to stroke his cheek. His hand moved from my waist to my hair, running his fingers through it while his tongue licked my lips.

"Eww! Guys get a room!!" Kailee and Kian yelled, shoving us down the beach. Me and Gale just laughed, rearranging ourselves so that my head was on his chest, our hands linked. "Whatever you spoilers!" I threw sand at them jokingly. 

I sighed, staring into the sky. "Too fast. Too fast.." I murmured. Time needed to freeze, or at least slow down. I need more than a few weeks left to be in heaven. I shook off the thought before I started worrying about it, and started gazing at my best friend with Kian. They made a perfect couple. 

Kian was swinging Kailee around again, looking for mischief. I burst out in laughter when he threw her into the sea; him too jumping in after. I pecked Gale and rushed into the sea as the waves barrelled against me. Eventually I fell over; and I began to swim under towards the other too. The way they moved with each other was fascinating, like they had know one another for a century.    

I came up for air, and gave up keep the secret. "Boys, I never knew you adored Justin Bieber!" I half yelled, half laughed. They both stared down at their bright pink shorts with 'i <3 bieber' on them, gritting their teeth. "We'll kill you girls!" They chuckled, just before they charged after us. 

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