A Single Wish Can Change Everything

Sometime we want to go back. Fix everything thats broken. But most times we can't. That's how Harry Styles felt.. Until one day.. he made that one wish.. a wish that would change everything.

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5. The Wish

Sorry I haven't been updating AGAIN!!  I had the flu :/


Harry's POV~

The funeral was the last time I thought I was gonna get to see her face.  But this is where it gets good.  This... is where the story beguins.


Today I just mopped around.  Louis tried to get me to go somewhere with him and El but I didn't want to.  Seeing happy couples now almost makes me sick.  That could have been Emma and I.  It should have been.  That guy that shot her is in jail now.  I hope he rots in there.  But today marks the one month date of her death, which is why I'm being extra lazy and sad.  I'm sad everyday though.  Everything I do reminds me of her.  Everything.  I sign and get off the couch, walking over to the door that leads to the back deck at Louis house.  Yup, I'm still living here.  I just can't go back yet.  Not until I'm fully healed.  But I might never be that way.

I open the door and take a deep breath of the winter night air.  As I make my way over to one of the chairs I notice a shooting star.  People say your wishes come true if you wish on one.  But I doubt it.  I just can't seem to look away from the star though.  It captivates me.  But I don't know why.   It could be worth a shot right?  Maybe it is.  Maybe.  Taking a deep breath I look up into the stary blackness of the night sky.

"I know this most likely won't work, but I wish for my girlfriend Emma to come back.  I miss her so much.  Just please.  Please."  I shout into the night.  I wait and nothing happens.  I was right.  It didn't work.  I walk back into the house and shut the door so the cold air won't come in.  Then I slowly climb the stairs to the bedroom where I sleep.  Without even changing into my PJ's I climb into bed.  It takes a while but soon I enter a dreamless, empty sleep.

I know it's short!!  But hey better then nothing right?  Thanks for reading and I hope you like it!!!


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