A Single Wish Can Change Everything

Sometime we want to go back. Fix everything thats broken. But most times we can't. That's how Harry Styles felt.. Until one day.. he made that one wish.. a wish that would change everything.

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4. Funeral

Harry's POV~  That was the worst day... The day I promised her I wouldn't let her die... But I did.  And I hated myself for it.  But Emma's funeral wasn't good either.  It still haunts me now.  Seeing her laying in that casket...


"Harry we're here."  Liam whispers in my ear.  I groan and push him away, trying to hold back the tears that I've been holding back since the day I lost Emma.  I didn't cry that day.  I didn't do anything.  I just sat there.  I was basically frozen in my own little world.  And today was the first day in two weeks I've left Louis's house.  I stayed with Louis to get out of our old house.  The memories of Emma and I would haunt me if I stayed there.

"Harry... I know... I know that you don't want to do this.  None of us do.  We were all so close to Emma and it hurts all of us.  But this is the last time you can see her before they bury her.  This-This is the last time you can look at her.  You have to do this for her."  Niall sighs, pulling my arm a bit so I sit up.  I tug my arm out of his grasp and remain seated in the car. 

"Harry don't make us drag you in there.  Please!  We don't even have to stay that long.  Just say our prayers and leave if you want.  But we at least have to do this."  Zayn says.  He's right.  Why does he always have to be right?  Zayn was closest to Emma out of all the other boys.  Well exept for me of course.  They were like brother and sister.

I nod and slowy make my way out of the car with a blank expression.  My face clear of all emotion. 

"We know how you feel Haz.  Come on, lets do this.  For Emma."  Louis says, patting my back.

"Thank you all for helping me through this.  I love you guys."  I say with a weak smile as we all walk in.  The boys all smile and once we get inside we split up.  I spot Emma's parents and walk over slowly.

"Harry!  Oh my goodnes!!  I thought you wouldn't come!"  Her mother, Becky, says while embracing me into a tight hug.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."  I say hugging her back tightly, tears stinging in my eyes.

Once we pull away I walk over to her dad Cade. 

"Hello Harry.  I'm- I'm glad you came son.  I just want to thank you for being so good to Emma.  I'm sure if she was here right now she would be doing the same thing."  And that was all he said before he walked off.

Emma's dad and I didn't really hit it off, and that was the first nice thing he's ever said to me.  This even brought us closer in a way.  In the tinest way.

After I talked to other members on Emma's family and friends the moment I was dreading was about to happen.  I took slow steps up to her casket and looked down into it.  Emma looked so lifeless, yet so beautiful.  Only she could make death seem that way.  Her hair was curled perfectly and she was wearing a long light pink strapless dress, and very light makeup.  Her hands were folded over her lap and her eyes were closed.

I took a deep breath and kneel beside her casket.

"Hey beautiful,"  I started, "If you can hear me right now then I want you to know that I love you.  I always have and I always will.  And I'm so sorry I broke my promise... I almost couldn't live with myself.  I guess you were needed up their in heaven, but your needed down here as well.  You look so beautiful right now babe.  This is the last time I'm ever going to be this close to you, and I want you to know I'm sorry.  I love you so much baby.  We'll meet again one day, so don't let anyone else up there steal your heart.  I love you.  Bye Emma."  And with that I got up slowly, took one last look at her, and left with the boys, with tears falling down my cheeks.

Hey guys!!!  I love up liked it!!  Love ya!


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