A Single Wish Can Change Everything

Sometime we want to go back. Fix everything thats broken. But most times we can't. That's how Harry Styles felt.. Until one day.. he made that one wish.. a wish that would change everything.

There will be the URL for the trailer down there as well, and thats a better description. So watch that as well!


1. Prologue

Hi guys, I'm Harry Styles.  You might know me as 1/5 of the British boyband One Direction.  The flirty and cheeky one, the one who has a reputation of dating older women, the youngest one.  That's all me.  But what you might now know is that I lost the best thing that ever happened to me: Emma.  You see Emma and I dated for about six months and I knew I was truly, madly, deeply, in love with her.  I would do anything for her, and she knew it.

But this isn't a breakup story.  Emma and I didn't breakup.  She... She died. It all started six months ago. She wanted to go to the store to by food, since we lived together.  And since we lived together at six months some poeple thought we were taking things to fast.  But we didn't listen to them.  That day I wanted to go with her, and she said she could do it by herself.  She said she was a big girl.  I still laugh a little when I remember her saying that to me.  But she was gone for a long time considering at store was only a block away.  Then after about an hour I turned on the news. 

And there was a shooting at the local supermarket... The one where Emma was.  They said that five people were shot, and four of them died at the scene.  But Emma was the lucky one, and she got taken to the hosptial.  She hung on for about two hours, but then her breathing slowly stopped.  Then it was all over.  I couldn't take it.  Not at all.  I blamed myself.  I knew I should have went with her that day. 

But about a month after her death I wished on a shooting star.  I wished for her to be back, to restart that day so I could make sure that it never happened.  Little did I know when wishes come true, something else disappears. 

I hope you all stay to listen... I love you all... Never forget that

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