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This is an imagine I wrote for a very good friend. The imagine turned out so well I think I would like to make it into a full fanfic.
Please give me feedback based on the fanfic if you think I should make it into a full length one!
Please be honest.
Thanks Angels


2. Imagine

"No, I thought you were different!"

You push your boyfriend's hands off your bare chest and turned to put on your shirt with tears streaming down your cheek.
You have been dating Devon for two months now and lately his true colours were showing, you thought he was different but clearly you thought wrong.
"Babe don't be like this!" He says coming closer to you. You have to admit his pout was tempting but you stayed strong.
"No, get out! I don't want this type of relationship! I don't want you and your cheating or your sexual ways!"
You finally got the courage to say what was on your mind.
Devon looked shocked for a moment at but then he regrouped and slapped you across the face.

"Nobody in the school is going to like you after this!Your such a slut, I even got the photo to prove it!"
Devon turned and walked out the door of your house. Too bad your mom was so sick she couldn't do anything but lie in bed surely she would be able to help you.
You knew what Devon said was true the part about no body in the whole school would like you after you broke up with the hottest, most popular guy in 12th grade people only pretended to like you for him.
You knew you shouldn't of let him treat you like that and get that picture, that's what bothered you.
Maybe he was right, maybe you were a slut.

*The Next Day at School*

You walked to school because the bus missed you. As soon as you walked in everybody in the halls stopped and stared, it was completely silent.
You were getting self conscious so you lifted your turtle neck up to your cheek which was now bruised from Devon.. Speaking of him.
Devon walked up to you.
Tears begun to form in your eyes.
"We'll well if it isn't the little slut. I see you have covered yourself up for school. Good thing too we wouldn't want anyone distracted today would we?" He said.
The hallways filled with laughter and chants of "slut".
You promised yourself you would stay strong but this was too much.
You ran out of the school with tears falling as you fled all the way to the one place you always went where you were ever truly happy- with your father.
The death of your father was a terrible mistake and it would of taken your mom too if your dad hadn't pushed her out of the car.
It was long ago needless to say your dad saved your mother and he is gone.
You walked through the park to get to the graveyard and as you pass the pond you look and see your cheek is purple now and your eyes are all red and puffy.
You wouldn't want your dad to see you like this so you use the water to help fix you up. At the last moment you grab a pink tulip- it was your dad's Favourite flower - to give to him.
*At The GraveYard*

"Dad I wish you were here more then ever. You wouldn't believe what I have gotten myself into, I wish you were here so I could tell you. Happy Birthday by the way, I brought you this flower, it's a tulip, a pink one I remembered they were your Favourite."

"Talking to someone?" You turn around and see a young curly haired guy looking at you.

"That's none of your business." He raises his hands.

"I lost someone too you know, my great grandfather passed away just over a year ago."

"My father, he died only seven months ago, it's been so hard on my mom." The boy takes a step closer to you.

"How has it been on you?" He asks with concern on his face.

"It's been brutally hard. I mean it just feels like a piece of my life it missing, it makes me feel as if I'm not really here at times, as if it's all a dream."

"I know how you feel." He says.
"Mind if I sit with you?"

"No not at all." You gesture to the bench next to you.

He holds out his hand: " I'm Harry, I'm sure you can probably guess my last name."

You shake your head.

"No? Well it's Styles"

"I'm Taylor." He shakes your hand with a firm grasp.

"So what brings you here today Taylor? Shouldn't you be in school or something?"

"I was... But it's a long story."
He laughs.

"I see, well I got time."

Now it's your turn to laugh.
"What about you? I mean you got to have to go to school too."

"Aha nope I'm home free. So about you and school."

You searched his face to see if his interest was genuine and you determined it was.

So you began telling your story about your boyfriend, the picture, how you ran out of school after he said that you even included why you came here.

"Sorry I must be boring you to tears! I really should learn to shut up."

"No, No it's fine. I really appreciate that you are able to tell me this. It sounds like you have has a pretty bad day."

"Pretty bad life more like it."

"Now don't say that! You just got to look at the positives!"
He smiles and lifts your chin up.
Other than the hand shake it was the first time he touched you and it sent a warm sensation through you.
You couldn't help but smile like an idiot.
He seemed to notice your smile and he raised his eye brows.

"We'll for starters you live in a beautiful place, your mom loves you and your path brought you to me!"

You laugh. " I barely even know you!"

"Well, what do you want to know?"

You spent most of the afternoon in the graveyard sitting on the bench asking him questions and listening to his answers.

It turns our he is in a band named One Direction with four other boys.

He was world famous and he loved cats.

It was getting dark and you didn't want to be in the dark graveyard at night.
A breeze came and you began to shiver. You realized you forgot your coat.
Harry noticed.
"Here." He said taking off his jacket and putting it around your shoulders. You slipped your arms through and held onto it for the warmth.
"Aren't you cold?"
"Naw I'm fine."
"Well okay.."
"It's getting dark, shouldn't you be getting somewhere?"
"I should probably be getting home."
"Let me walk you."
"That's not nesisary" you say but he grabs your hand and pulls you along.
Soon you and him are happily walking along to your house.

*At your house*

"Thanks so much for walking me home Harry."
He ruffles his curls.
"It was not big deal. I hope to see you around soon Taylor."

"That would be wonderful!"
"Oh don't you want your jacket back?"

"Keep it, your cold you can give it to me some other time."

Right some other time. Your stomach flipped just thinking about seeing him again.

He smiled and you did too as he hugged you goodbye.
He turned and walked down the steps as you turned to grab your key.

Suddenly, you remembered. Your house key was in your coat, which was locked inside. You turned and yelled to Harry :" Hey Harry wait up!"
He turned and smiled.
"What's up?"
You rushed towards him a little too quickly but he tripped and caught you in his arms.
Looking up into his eyes, made your heart melt, you swear he was an angel from above.
Harry was looking straight at you and just as you were about to get up he leaned in a planted a kiss upon your lips.
You stood up straight.

"Urn sorry that was rude of me."
You smiled.

"That's alright." Your belly was doing an circus act.

"What were you saying before?"

"I forgot my key its with my coat inside the house!"

"It's okay you can stay at my place for the night."

"I couldn't I don't want to be a bother!"

"It's no bother besides, I want to spend as much time with you as possible."
You smile and blush.

He holds out his hand and you grab it eager to be in his grasp eager to feel your palm against his.

It's the first time in 7 seven months you have truly been happy and eager about anything.

Please comment and let me know of you want more! I'll let you decide if the story continues.
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