Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


26. Unexpected presence.

Zayn's P.O.V ~
We're here! We finally made it to the Brits. Annabelle looks stunning with her blonde hair spiralling down her back loosely and her dress. Wow! I was gobs smacked when she was walking down the stairs. I'm posing for a few pictures when I see her hugging a male reporter. Eh? I know she has a brother but I didn't think he was a reporter. She said he was a Formula 1 racing driver currently leading the championship. I walk over to her and kiss her cheek. She's startled and turns to face me. "Hi" I say.

"Hey" she says, "this is my brother, Will" she explains while introducing me to a man who has blonde hair and blue eyes, the same as Annabelle but the boy version. I shake his hand.

"You okay?" I kindly ask.

"I'm fine thank you!" He says. I can't help but hear he sounds a bit Australian.

"I thought you were a racing driver?" I ask and state a bit.

"I am but I wanted to see my little sister on her 21st so I had to come up with a disguise." He's quite clever, "I have an Australian accent because we've been in Australia and New Zealand for the past 10 months so I sort of picked one up!"

"Oh! Do you want to come in?" I point towards the entrance.

"Wouldn't I be gate crashing?" He asks hesitatingly.

"No!" I screech. He's already in a suit so he's fine. A bodyguard lets him through and he takes off his sunglasses and beanie and passes them to him. Annabelle embraces him and then we all walk in a line with Annabelle in the middle of her brother and fiancé. We pose for a few pictures and then we walk inside the massive building. Wow! It's beautiful.

Annabelle's P.O.V ~
I have my brother here and my fiancé! Omg!! I'm at the Brit awards on my 21st birthday! Will flew all the way here so he could see me on my birthday. I have just the sweetest family! I spot a waiter and grab a glass of champagne from his tray. I down that in one and then take another. "Wahh sis, slow down!" Will says to me but I take a big gulp out of my 2nd glass.

"It is my birthday and I'll get high if I want to!" I sing the lyrics to him. Zayn takes the glass away from me and I try to snatch it back but he's too strong. "Why'd you do that?" I snap.

"Because you need to slow down. I know it's your birthday but please?" He asks.

"Ok" I say. He gives me the glass back and we go take our seats with Will joining us. We're sat on a table with Paul and Simon. We've all sat down and said our 'hi's'. It's now starting!!!

"Hello and welcome to the Brit Awards 2013!" Phillip Scofield says through his microphone on stage. "We're going to get straight into it! The nominees for the best solo female artists are:



Jessie J

Katy P

And Taylor Swift!" Harry's mouth drops open because he thought she wasn't up for an award but...
"The winner for this award 2013 is.... Taylor Swift!" Phillip says and then 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' starts playing. She walks onto the stage and she looks really pretty actually. She says,"thank you so much for this award! It will give me smile every time I look at it! I've had my ups and downs this year with love and everything but I'm really glad that people are behind me!" Yawn.

"The nominees for the best solo male artists are:

Justin Bieber

Chris Brown

Conor Maynard

Ed Sheeran

Olly Murs

The award of 2013 goes to..... Ed Sheeran!" Yes! I've always loved his music. I'm really happy for him!

"The next award is for the best female group, the nominees are:

Girls Aloud

The Saturdays

Spice Girls

And Little Mix!" Phillip says through the microphone. "The winners are..... Little Mix!" He says, putting us out of our misery. The girls go up on stage and say thank you's. Perrie is looking at Zayn all the way through it but then they have to go off stage.

"Now onto the best male group, the nominees are:


The Script


One Direction

And Maroon 5! The winners are..... One Direction!" The crowd go mental! They all walk up together and Zayn starts their speech,

"We've been through a lot and we're glad we have fans behind us, but there is one fan that I couldn't live without and that is my beautiful fiancé Annabelle Gates. She's my love and my rock, I love you." I well up and tears start trickling down my face.

"I love that we've won this award! It's amazing to be here with everyone but also there is one person I couldn't be here without being by my side and that is my girlfriend Ella Wilkinson. Ella can you please come up here?" Louis asks. She gets up and walks onto the stage in front of everyone. Louis gets down on one knee, "I couldn't live another day without you, Ella Holly Wilkinson, will you please make me an even more happier man and marry me?" Omg! Ahhhhh!

She nods, "of course!" She pulls him up and kisses him passionately. They are meant to be.

"I can't believe we're here, it's unbelievable! I love Abbi Mai Shorten. She's my world. Nobody could bring us apart." Says Harry. He's really cute when he talks about Abbi!

"I'm going to come out and say it, Ashlee, I love you. You're my everything. My world, my family, my love. I love you and nobody else." Niall says sweetly. He's adorable.

They walk off stage and there are more awards. Then it's the after party! Drink, dance, drink!!! I'm ordering a drink at the free bar when I feel an unexpected presence behind me. I turn to find purple hair and blue eyes staring down at me..
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