Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


30. Too young..

Annabelle's P.O.V ~
My big brothers getting married! I can't believe it. We could have a double wedding, oh, maybe not. Daisy is really nice and her father is Stellan Rogers, one of my dads sponsors. Small world!

I'm now stood in Will's garage in his box - where his car is parked when he's not racing - all alone. I see a couple of bun tarts at the back of the garage, refilling the snack table. I walk over. "Daisy, have you got any tuna sandwiches?" I ask.

"No sorry! I can make you some?" She asks.

"No, it's fine" I say and take a ham one instead. "Sorry, I didn't catch your name." I say to the other girl.

"Oh, my names Holly" she replies, "and you're Annabelle Gates, daughter of Bill Gates, sister of Will Gates and fiancé of Zayn Malik from One Direction!"

I smile. "Yep that's me! But I'm keeping my appearance on the low so I don't take all the publicity from my brother. Could you keep it low?" I ask. They nod their heads quickly. I nod. "Daisy, Holly, care to join me?" I say turning around and heading back into the box. Daisy appears on my left and Holly appears on my right.

"How long are you here for?" Daisy asks me.

"I'm here for the rest of the time here and then I'm going home to get things sorted. And then I'm going to be joining you in Monaco, London and Austria." I say.

"Oh, you're going back to England after this race" Holly states.

"No! I have a house/mansion here." I say, trying to concentrate on the race.

"Oh! You have one in England, America and now Australia?" Daisy asks. I nod and clap as Will takes pole position. They take the last corner and then Will crosses the line with Sam straight behind him. I jump up and down clapping. My brother jumps out of his car and wraps me in a sweaty hug.

"WILL!" I laugh.

"Sorry!" He smiles cheekily. We walk back to the hospitality area but Will and Sam are doing a couple of interviews first. I'm walking with Daisy and Holly when paparazzi come up to me.

"Annabelle! Annabelle! What are you doing here?!" They scream at me.

"Supporting my brother" I reply and low my head.

"Have you seen Zayn in the papers this morning?" They ask. I raise my head.

"What?" I ask.

"Have you seen your fiancé in the papers for getting drunk and going to a strippers club with Liam?" They ask. He got drunk AND went to a strippers club. I run inside to find Will and Sam sat in the hall, outside the hospitality area. I run past them and up into Will's private room. I hear footsteps behind me and then I turn around to see Will.

"What's up?" He asks softly.

"ZAYN!" I scream at him.

"What's he done?" He asks.

"He got drunk after criticising me fore getting drunk the other day at the Brits and THEN he went to a strippers club with Liam!" I shout.

"Oh god. That son of a bitch!" He curses under his breathe. I pull out my phone and call Abbi. She answers on the second ring.

"Hi" she says.

"Is it true?" I ask before she can say anything else.

She sighs, "yes." I begin to cry.

"Did he sleep with anyone?" I ask trying to hold back my tears.

"No" she replies.

"Did he kiss anyone?" I ask again.

"Erm.. Yes" she says. I drop the phone and let the floods of tears spill. Will wraps me in his arms and hold me tight. He lets me go and picks up the phone.

"Sorry, hi, something's just popped up and she's had to go. Yep. Okay. Yeah I'll tell her. Stay safe. Bye" he ends the call.

"What did she say?" I ask through the sobs.

"The girls are catching an earlier flight" he says. "What's happened sis?" He asks me.

"He kissed another girl but apparently he didn't let it go any further," I say.

"Sis.." He says softly. He comes over and tries to hug me but I push him away.

"Don't. I want to be alone. I'm going back to the property and I'm going to drown my sorrows in tea." I say, standing up. He hugs me and holds me close again. "I love you, Will."

"I love you too, Bella" he says.

I get my dark Louis Vuitton sunglasses from my bag and slide them on. I walk out the room and into the hall. I walk past Sam with minimal looks. I walk into the hospitality area hoping to find Daisy and Holly. I see them serving champagne together next to each other. I walk over to them. "Hi" I say.

"Hi, you okay?" Daisy asks.

"Yeah I'm fine thank you. I'm going to miss out on the rest of the Australian races. I'll see you in Monaco though!" I say.

"Oh, okay, see you in Monaco!" They say clearly upset. I turn around and walk out. I get in the black limo and say where the house is but asks him to stop off at a little shop on the way. I look out the tinted window to my left and I enter my own whole.

After half an hour, the car stops and I see a shop outside. Save come round and opens my door for me, "thank you." I walk into the shop and go to the alcohol section. I pick up a bottle of vodka, 3 bottles of champagne, 2 bottles of white wine, a bottle of baileys and a packet of cigarettes. I pay for them and go back out to the limo.

"Miss, do you not think that that is a bit too much?" Dave asks me.

"No" I say and get in. He closes my door and we start driving again.

After another 15 minutes, we've arrived back at my home. I get out and he drives back to the track to take people places. I go inside and put the bag on the kitchen surface. I get a glass from a cupboard and pour a small glass of vodka in it. It burns the back of my throat but it turns into a sensation. I pour another and take the bottle, the glass and the cigarettes into the living room. I find a light by the fireplace and I walk out onto the patio. I put the items onto the table and sit down. I take the glass and tip the liquid down my throat.

I pick up the packet of cigarettes and take one out. I put it between my lips and light it. I breathe it in and then breathe it out. I choke on it the first time but then I get used to it. It's the first time I've done it and its not that bad but it make your fingers yellow and teeth go rotten. At this moment in time, I don't care. I take another drag and then there's a knock at the door. Who could that be? I get up and see. I open the door and then I see Louis standing on the other side.

"Louis" I say in disbelief.

"Annabelle. May I come in?" He asks. I move aside and let him in. "Wow!"

"I know. Why are you here?" I ask.

"I thought you might need company and to put things right." He replies.

"There is nothing that can save our relationship now. Nothing or no one." I say coldly and stepping out onto the patio. I sit down and he sits down opposite me. I pick up the vodka bottle and pour a glass. I tip it down my throat and then pick up my cigarette. He eyes me with shock.

"Annabelle.... Since when have you smoked?" He says curiously.

"I don't know. I don't know anything anymore" I say.

"I'm being serious" he says.

"Why so serious?" I joke.

"Because you've just been through a cancer scare and then your fiancé was seen making out with a stripper." He says.

"Do you mind bringing everything back? I'm trying to dumb the pain" I begin to well up.

"Annabelle... You don't need alcohol and cigarettes to numb the pain, you need to talk about it." He says and takes my hands in his.

"Fine, I might of had cancer. I was scared but I don't have it. I'm living my life. Zayn. He's been caught with a stripper in the middle of a sweet kiss. And how did I find out? Oh yeah, the paparazzi told me about it! How do you think I feel?" I ask him with tears streaming down my face.

"I don't know, are you a bit emotional because you're on your period?" He asks. How could he ask- wait. I look at my phone and see its the 12th July. I was supposed to have it a week ago and I'm never late. I look at the cigarettes and the alcohol and then Louis. "Annabelle?" He asks.

I just stare into his blue eyes and cry out. He gets up and wraps me in a hug. "I can't be!" I wail.

"When was the last time, you and Zayn.. erm..." He didn't want to say the words.

"2 weeks ago but I was supposed to have it a week ago. Louis, I could be..." I daren't say the words.

"Oh my god. I'll go get you a pregnancy test and then you'll do it tonight, then we'll take it from there." He says. He runs out the door and I run upstairs to my room. I throw myself on the bed and cry into my pillow.

After about an hour, Louis returns with a test and gives it to me. "Go do it and then tell me" he say. I nod and head into the en-suite bathroom. I wee on the stick and then put it on the counter. I lean up against it for about 5 minutes, checking if a result has come up. It hasn't. I walk over to the towel rails and turn around. I see a result has come up. I look away, not wanting to see the result. I walk forward and look at the stick.


I burst into tears and sink to the floor. I drop it to the side of me and Louis bursts through the door. He looks at me and then he looks at the stick. He picks it up and instantly drops it and hugs me tight. "I don't want to tell Zayn until I know for definite" I tell him.

"That's fine. Will you two be okay?" He asks.

"I don't know. If it went no further than a small kiss then I think I can forgive him." I say. If there is a baby involved then I'd want it to have a mum and dad. I love him with all my heart. I will forgive him but it won't be removed from my mind.

Louis gets up and pulls me up. He leads me to the bedroom. I get in without taking my clothes off and so does Louis. Me and Louis are like brother and sister so I snuggle up to his chest and fall asleep. I hope it's just a false alarm. I'm too young to be a mum.
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