Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


47. Running Into A Star.

Louis' P.O.V ~

Is she innocent? She seems so much like an angel with her blonde hair swaying everywhere. Her green eyes piecing everyone under her gaze. Who couldn't love her? But it's the one question that I can't answer. Is she so innocent?


She's upstairs getting ready to go for a jog which is unlike her because she's never been for a jog in her life. She just said that she's going for a jog. I tried to point out that she didn't know the area but she said its a good way to learn. I offered to go with her but she said she was okay by herself because she just wanted alone time.


I'm in the kitchen making her her favourite breakfast, pancakes. I look up and see her standing there with her bottle of juice and her headphones ready. I take in how cute she looks in that outfit. She looks adorable with her hollister joggers and her jack wills pe shirt. She looks so good in her gear that I find it hard to concentrate. I notice her walking towards me and taking the spatula from my hand and flipping the now burnt pancake onto a plate. "Oh, yes. Sorry!"


"It's okay. I'm not hungry anyway. I'm going out for a jog now." She says, kisses me on the lips and walks out the door leading to the hall. "See you later!"


"See ya babe!" I call and then I hear the door shut. Is she innocent?


Ella's P.O.V ~

I walk out of the security gates and then I'm free to jog. I plug my headphones into my ears and press play on my iPhone. 'Up All Night' starts blaring into my ears. I smile and realise that my fiancé is singing his verse. I jog down the hill and keep running. The next song is 'When I Was Your Man'. I keep running while all my different songs play into my ears.


I run over a bridge with a shimmering blue river flowing underneath. I run across it and run into the fields. I run across the open fields and take a drink of juice from my bottle. I stop and sit down on the soft grass. I think about how I'm going to come clean to Louis about my scar. How am I suppose to tell him?


I get up and run back towards home. I start to slow down into a fast walk when I go up the hill with our house and neighbours just at the top. I look at my phone and realise I have a message from Annabelle. I open it up and begin to read.


'From: Sexiest Person In The World;)


Hey stranger! Me and the girls haven't heard from you in like, 2 weeks. Are you still alive?! I was wondering whether I could fly across and see you because I have a friend that has just bought a house out there and I'd get to see him as well? Thought the pictures Louis has sent Zayn, it looks amazing!!!!! Below is a photo of the ultrasound scan we had the other day. Can you believe I'm 5 months already??!! I'd also like to tell you in person about what sex it is!!!!! Anyway, as soon as you see this, PLEASE MESSAGE ME BACK!!! Love you babeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxx'


As soon as I have finished reading it, I fall to the ground on my bum. I look up to see a dark figure looking at me from behind their sunglasses. "Hello" I say and get up. I feel a pain shoot up my leg and I wince.


"Are you okay?" He asks and steps closer.


"I'm fine thank you." I say and continue walking. He waits a minute before saying something.


"Aren't you Ella Wilkinson? Best friend of Annabelle Gates?!" He asks and smiles.


"Yeah. I've seen you before but I can't put my finger on it!" I say and pull a confused face.


"Would you like to come to mine and get an ice pack on it?" He asks and I'm trying to decide on whether to trust him. I give him the benefit of the doubt and nod. He lifts me up and hands me my phone which flew out of my hands when we bumped into each other. He walks up the road and we arrive at a secured mansion with guards and CCTV cameras everywhere. I start to wonder who he is. He walks in and plonks me down on the sofa and he goes to get an ice pack. He returns with one and takes off him sunglasses. I instantly recognise him. I gasp and he laughs.


"You're Conor Maynard?!" I ask but sort of state. He laughs and sits down next to me on the sofa.


"Yes. I'm Conor Maynard, the singer!" He laughs. He walks off to make us a bit of lunch and I decide to reply to Annabelle.


'To: Sexiest Person In The World;)


Hey!!!!! Yeah! Fly across, you know me! More the merrier!:) OMG!!!!!!! I can't believe you're 5 months already and that ultrasound is just adorbssssssss!!!!!!!!! I am alive:) please fly across now because I really want to know what sex it is!!!!! Who is your friend? I've just made a friend today:) love you too hunnnnnnnnnn!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'


I send her the text and get one back a couple of minutes later.


"From: Sexiest Person In The World;)


OMG YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!! Lol! Right, just booked my ticket, I fly in tomorrow! And I can't tell you because he's a secret person. Who's your new friend? ;) just remember you have Louis! Love you moreeeeeeeeeeeeee! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'


I smile at how crazy this girl is but I love her anyway.


'To: Sexiest Person In The World;)


Haha!! Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:) bummer:( and I can't either:( and OI!!!!!!!! I would never cheat on Louis! How can you think that?! I love him with all my heart and nothing can change that. He almost found out about my scar..... :/ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'


I wait another minute and get a reply.


'From: Sexiest Person In The Word;)


HE WHAT? ELLA YOU NEED TO BE MORE CAREFUL OTHERWISE HE WILL START TO ASK QUESTIONS. If he sees it, he will start to ask questions and won't drop it because its a mark on your body which is obviously going to trigger a question spreeeeeeeeeeeee. Please be more careful?! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'


I look at her text and think about her. She is the most craziest girl I have ever met but she makes it come across as humour. I find her really funny and I love her so much! She's amazing. I couldn't live without any of the girls in my life.


'To: Sexiest Person In The World;)


I won't and he has sort of seen it. Got to go, mystery guy is here with lunch;) xxxxx'


Hopefully that will leave her stewing for a while. I smile up at Conor who has just made homemade Macaroni and Cheese. I look at it and it looks to die for! "You know I've just been on a jog to keep my body in condition and then you feed me this?!" I joke and laugh while trying it. It's amazing!


"That's what happens when you run into a star like me" he says and we eat the rest of our lunch in silence.






Thank you for all the reads!!! I'm really thankful to everyone! Please like and favourite:) if you want to give feedback, please comment:) I don't bite xxxxx

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