Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


54. Questions and Answers.

I'm back!!!!! I hope you didn't mind Rosie updating for me because I was away:) I had Internet and I read her updates but I didn't have time to update myself. Thank you Rosie for updating for me and I hope if I ever need you in the future that you'd do it for me again:) I loved her updates and I hope you did too:) I'm now rambling on so I'm just going to update.... If you haven't already read Rosie's, it's called 'Just Takes Time'. It would mean a lot to me if you read it:) thank you! 


Annabelle xxxx


Liam's P.O.V ~ 

It's been 24 hours since I met her. I can't stop thinking about her. I'm laid on Harry's sofa because he asked me to come round. It's so boring around here because everyone is out. Lou, El and Annabelle are in Portugal. Abbi and Rosie have gone shopping and Zayn and Niall have gone shopping too but to a different shopping centre. I think they've gone to Trinity Leeds to see our shop and meet some fans. Harry is making us some lunch and I'm here looking at her contact. 'The Girl Who Brings Trouble...' What is that supposed to mean? 


Liam - hey!xx

The Girl Who Brings Trouble - iya!x

Liam - what you doing?xx

The Girl Who Brings Trouble - nothing.. just hanging out with Olivia, Katie and Charley:) you?xx

Liam - are those the girls who I met at the game? And nothing:/ just hanging out with Harry:) xx

The Girl Who Brings Trouble - yeah and that sounds exciting!! Xxx

Liam - it's not-.- lol:) what do you mean by the words 'The Girl Who Brings Trouble'? Xxx

The Girl Who Brings Trouble - I'm a bad person who brings trouble with me... I have a bad past that I never and will never tell anyone. Xxx

Liam - okay.. What sort of trouble?xxxx

The Girl Who Brings Trouble - you will eventually get hurt by me because I'm unstable. I got rid of my past and I can't believe I did it. 

Liam - what happened? How did you get rid of it?

The Girl Who Brings Trouble - I gave it to someone else. I made him happier. They can give him more of a future then I ever

Liam - you had a baby?

The Girl Who Brings Trouble - yes but I didn't want it. I was raped. I didn't want him so I gave him up for adoption. I bring trouble because the guy keeps tracking me down... I sometimes don't know what to do anymore. Xxx

Liam - what's your real name?xxxx

The Girl Who Brings Trouble - Georgia:) xxxx

Liam - that's a beautiful name for a beautiful person:) xxxxx

Georgia - thank you <3 xxxxx

Liam - do you and the girls want to come round and hang?xxxxx

Georgia - sure but Katie and Charley have just left so it would just be me and Olivia?xxxxx

Liam - that's fine:) I'll send you my driver if you send me your address?xxxxx

Georgia - okay<333


I get her address and give it to David. He sets off and then go get my lunch that was ready 5 minutes ago. "Where's David going?" 


"To pick up Georgia and her friend." 


"Is Georgia that girl yesterday?" 


"Yep" I say and bite into my sandwich. I've just put my last bite in when Harry's phone goes off. He picks it up and unlocks it. He reads something and then smiles. 


"What's up?" I ask.


"Louis has just texted me saying that they're all at the airport but they weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow. I get to see my Lou, El and Bella!" He laughs.


"Where did you get Bella from? Her name doesn't even end with an a!" I laugh at his stupidness.


"I changed it! It's either that or Anna.... Or Annie?" He asks.


"Just call her Belle!" I say laughing. He sulks off and goes to pick them up. I laugh and wait in the living room. 


An hour later I hear the door open and close. I hear laughing and instantly realise they are from Annabelle and Ella. I get up and walk into the hallway. "Hey."


"Hiiiiiiii!" Annabelle says excitedly and encloses me in a tight hug. She pulls away and I look down. 


"Wow! She's grown since I last saw you. How many months?" 


"2 days and its will be 7!" She says and squeals. I hear a knock at the door and I go to open it. 


"Hey." I say coolly.


"Hey!" She smiles and looks into the house.


"Come in!" I say and wave her and Olivia in. "Guys this is Georgia and this is Olivia. I met them both at the game me and Harry went to watch yesterday." They all nod and then introduce themselves one by one. 


We go into the living room and sit down after I made the drinks. We're all chatting away until Annabelle gets up and walks into the kitchen. I follow her. "Do you like her?" 


"She's really sweet!" 


"I know. Do you think I should go for it?" 


"Go get her tiger!" She squeals and makes more drinks. 


I'm going to ask her! I will. I hope she likes me back...


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