Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


35. Lottie's Arrivals.

Ella's P.O.V ~ I was dropping in and out of sleep last night but something was strange. Lou was on the phone at around 4 in the morning. Who would he possibly ring at that time in the morning. I decide not to bring it up because he might not want to talk about it. I have a quick shower and walk out the bathroom. I look at the clock. 16:22. And then I look at Louis walking through the door. "Hey, babe!" "Hey Lou" I reply. "What's up?" He asks. "Nothing just a bit tired. Who we're you on the phone with at around 3?" I couldn't help but ask. "Oh. I was on the phone to my sister, Lottie. You still haven't met her have you?" He asks. I shake my head and put my hollister swimsuit on. "I'm off down to the pool!" I say walking out the door. I walk to Annabelle and Zayn's room and see its open. I walk in and see Annabelle staring out of the window. "Hey!" I say walking to her which startled her a bit. "Hey!" "Sorry I didn't mean to make you jump" I say. "Don't worry!" "You fancy going for a swim?" I ask. She looks at me and then look down to the driveway. "Ella, where's Louis going?" She asks and nods to his discarding car leaving the driveway. I watch as he pulls out and onto the hilltop roads. "I have no idea." I admit, "so you fancy a swim?" "Yeah why not?!" She walks over to her walk in wardrobe and comes out with a Prada bikini in her hands. She walks into her bathroom and returns a short while later with it on. She hasn't started to show yet which is a plus side. She won't start showing until 4/5 months. She's only 3/4 weeks. We walk out the door and down the stairs. She leads us into the living room where everyone is. We get a few whistles from the boys which make us laugh hysterically. We walk out the patio door and down the stone steps which lead to the pool/jacuzzi/sun bed area. I walk into the pool first and dunk down until the water is at my shoulders. I put my hair in a messy high bun so it didn't get wet. Annabelle gets in soon after me and does the same. We swim around for around 30 minutes and then decide to get out and lay on the sun-beds. I go get us a couple of diet cokes and some magazines. I walk back and put the drinks on the table in between us and pass Annabelle 'New!'. I start to read 'ok' and then I come across the fashion of the week. I look at the dresses the celebrities are wearing and then I come across Annabelle. This is when she was with her brother at the race a couple of days ago. It reads 'Beautiful once again. This woman never seems to disappoint us with her fashion trends. Annabelle Gates rocking the hollister, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo's and black skinnies once again! Keep rocking it.' I turn the page and find me and Louis plastered across the page. I read the article. Basically about Louis proposing at the Brits and then the after party and then all this drama about flying out earlier. I'm lost in the magazine when I realise a presence stood next to me. I look up and see Lou. "Hey" I say. "Hey, would you 2 mind coming inside for a minute?" He asks strangely. Me and Annabelle look at each other and get up. We follow Louis up the garden and into the house. Us 3 walk into the hall and I see a pink suitcase exactly like mine and then I see a smile blonde girl. She looks familiar and then I realise she's Lottie. Lou's little sister. Louis is staring at me, I'm staring at Lottie, Lottie's staring at Annabelle and Annabelle's staring at Louis. "OMG! It's really you! I can't believe I'm in the same room at Annabelle Gates! The most well known skier of all time!" Lottie screeches at the top of her voice at Annabelle. "Yes. It's really me. No.1 Ski Champion of the World 2010. But I'm not as we'll known for that anymore." Annabelle admits. Lottie's mouth drops open and rushes over to hug her, nearly knocking her over. "Woooo! Lottie. Be careful. She's pregnant!" Zayn says coming through and steadying Annabelle before she falls off her feet. Lottie let's go and hugs Zayn. I walk over to Lou and kiss him. "So, you're Ella?" She asks turning to me and Louis. "Yes" I say and look into his eyes. I turn back and see Lottie is staring at us. I smile down at her and put out my hand for her to shake it. She bats it away and hugs me. "As long as you make my brother happy, then that's fine with me!" She whispers in my ear. I already love this girl! I pull away and she turns to Louis. Annabelle goes to lift up her suitcase but Zayn stops her. "Not in your condition!" He says. She looks at him blankly. "I think I'm capable of taking a suitcase upstairs." She lifts it up and carries it upstairs. We all follow after her and stop at the top. "Which room would you like?" She asks Lottie. "Please can I have one next to Lou's?" She asks. Annabelle nods and walks to the one to left of ours. Annabelle and Lottie walk in and put the suitcase down. "Do you want to come relax by the pool with me and Ella?" Annabelle asks her. She thinks about it for a minute and then replies, "Yes, thank you. Of course." She opens her suitcase and pulls out a blue bikini. "We'll be downstairs buy the pool" Annabelle says and we walk downstairs. Me and Annabelle walk outside and sit down. "I didn't expect that!" Annabelle says as soon as we're sat down. "I know" I say. "Do you think Louis brought her out here to meet me? Because Louis was on about that she's my biggest fan from when I skied." Annabelle says. I look at her. "He might of done. I don't know" I sit back and begin to read my magazine again. I hear the patio doors open and close. I look and see Lottie walking down the path. "Hello" "Hi" she replies. "Sit down! Do you want a diet coke?" I ask her. "Yes please." "Annabelle?" I ask. "Yes please." I get up and run into the house. I got to the fridge and get 3 diet cokes. I run back outside and hand them out. I pass Lottie a magazine and then sit back down. We must be a side. 3 girls in bikinis, drinking coke and reading magazines with 2/3 of us in them. This is the life.

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