Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


5. Happy?

Ella P.O.V ~

I saw her stare at the door and wondered what she was staring at. I followed her gaze and at the end of it was One Direction! All of them. I saw Zayn and Annabelle making eyes at each other, then I looked at Louis. He's wearing his red suspenders, red chinos, blue and white striped top, blue toms, fake glasses and a beanie. He looked sexy. Well he would in anything... He looked at me and I smiled a slight smile but he started smiling like a cheshire cat which made me laugh. He ordered something to drink and then I saw Zayn make his way to our table. 

"Hey!" he exclaimed.

"Hi" we all said in unison.

"Do you mind if me and the boys join you because we didn't book?" he asked.

"Yeah sure," I said, hoping to sit next to Louis.

"What are your names?" he asked me and Abbi.

"I'm Ella and this is Abbi" I said pointing to me and then Abbi..

"Lovely names" he spoke and then we both blushed. "I'll go get the boys then!"

"He certainly is gorgeous!" I told Annabelle. She nodded and smiled sheepishly.

"Are you dating?" Abbi asked.

"No! We're only spoken for 20minutes in our whole life!" she screeched back. The boys came over and we exchanged hi's. The table went in a circle(going clockwise) starting with Annabelle, Louis, me, Harry, Abbi, Niall, Liam and then Zayn, so Zayn on Annabelle's right and Louis on her left. Louis turned to me and asked "What's your name?".

"I'm Ella and your Louis, I know!" I said, sounding normal. He smiled and leaned in closer and whispered in my ear "you look stunning in that dress, matches my shirt!" he laughed a bit. I laughed at the last part and he complimented my laugh. I had to keep up with the thank you's! We exchanged numbers and then he started a converstion with Annabelle so I started a conversation with Harry. We ordered our food and 15 minues later we were devouring it all. We were all off our heads but Annabelle was the most. She then spoke, "Why don't you all crash at our's? We have 8 rooms in the penthouse and we're only using 3 so that leaves 5" slurring her words alot. They all shook our heads and said "No thank you". Then she said something to Zayn and then he nodded his head. She leaned in closer so their noses were touching and then he smashed his lips on hers! I think he's the one for her. Niall howled and we all laughed. Then Zayn payed and Annabelle and him walked upstairs to the penthouse. I hope they don't do anything... I said to Louis I had a headache so I was going for a walk and then he offered to come with me so I said yes. We said bye to everyone and walked out of the restaurant.

After we walked down the street past a few bars, he spoke "You feeling better?".

"A bit thank you" Lie. I never had a headache. He just nodded.

"Do you like me?" he asked. I was surprised by his question and took a moment to think about it. I answered "Yes of course, why wouldn't I like you?!"

"I was just asking because I really really like you!" he answered and admitted.

"Well, I really, really like you" I said pulling him closer and kissing his lips slowly. I pulled away and started walking again. He slipped his hand in mine.

"Does this mean we're dating?" he asked.

"Yeah?" I questioned.

"I would love for you to be mine!" he said while kissing my hand which made me blush. We walked back to the hotel and went up to the penthouse. I showed Louis where his room was but before he went to sleep he asked me something "Are you happy?" I looked at him strangerly. I nodded and replied "Why wouldn't I be with a boyfriend like you?" He laughed. I kissed his lips for a few long seconds and stood up "Good night Ella" he spoke

"Good night Louis" I walked out the door looking like a cheshire cat.

I crawled in under my covers and smiled. I'm now dating Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Haha!!! I feel like I'm on top of the world like Annabelle!


Louis P.O.V ~

I can't believe I'm dating the most beautiful girl in the world. She's my first since Eleanor. I'm going to make it work this time and make her feel special. I close my eyes and dream of the future. Just us too...


Abbi's P.O.V ~

Annabelle walked out with Zayn and then Ella walked out with Louis. I was now left alone with 3 single boys. Harry, Liam and Niall. I really like Harry. He asked me whether I wanted another drink "Yes please!" I replied joyfully. I decided I wanted to help him. Lie. I want to spend more time with him. "You're beautiful you know that?" he said, smirking at me. "No i didn't know that but thank you!" I replied.

"I'm just going to come out and ask it, will you be my girlfriend?" I was shocked by his words but I quick;y recovered. I nodded my head. "Yes!" I wrapped my arms aroud his neck and kissed him on the lips while pulling him close. We went up to the penthouse and went to bed with exchanging nights and kisses. I go to my room and lay on the bed. I think about today and what's happened. i'm dating Harry Styles!!! We that thoguth in my head, I drift off to sleep.


Harry's P.O.V ~

I'm dating the most beautiful girl in the world! She's my first since Taylor. I'm going to make it work this time and make her feel like a real princess. And with that I fall of into a sleep...













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