Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


41. Everywhere.

Annabelle's P.O.V ~
We're now back in London with Zayn's sisters. They were really excited on the way down and just wouldn't let me sleep because they were talking. Eventually, Zayn told them to be quiet so I could sleep because I didn't sleep much last night. Jack is putting our bags in our separate rooms. Doniya and Safaa are watching the T.V and Waliyha is upstairs with Zayn, unpacking. "Anyone want a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate?" I shout and get back 4 answers moments later. I ask Holly(maid/chef/cleaner) to get them what they need and then I go stand and look out to the back garden. I wonder about Daisy and Will. They'll be in Italy now. Oh. my. God.

I run upstairs to find Zayn and Waliyha in the baby girls room, we had put in while we were away. They look at me like I've gone mad. "Hello!" I say first.

"Hi..." Zayn says.

"I've just realised, I'm going to Monaco tomorrow for my brothers race..." I say slowly. Waliyha looks at Zayn and then to me again and then back to Zayn. He stands up and pulls me out of the room.

"What do you mean, 'I've just realised, I'm going to Monaco tomorrow'?"

"I'm going to Monaco tomorrow, to support my brother because I promised him."

"Could you not of warned me earlier?"

"I've literally just remembered myself!" He looks down and then back up.

"Okay. I don't mind as long as you stay safe." I smile at him and hug him.

"This is why I love you so much!"

"Well, I love you too!" We kiss passionately and pull apart.

I skip off down the stairs and ask Holly to being my suitcase downstairs again. I ring Jack. "Hi Jack! It's Annabelle."

"Hello Miss. Gates"

"Where are you at the moment?"

"I'm just round the corner, why?"

"I need a lift to the airport, please?" I ask hopefully.

"Yeah sure. I'll be there in a couple of minutes." And with that, I hang up.

After 5 minutes, I hear his car horn. I call everyone into the hall and say bye. I put up my hood because its raining and wheel my suitcase outside. Jack puts it in and then gets in. I kiss Zayn goodbye and then say my final goodbyes.

I'm everywhere at the moment.
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