Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


49. Confusion.

Annabelle's P.O.V ~

LANDEDDDDDD! Thank god. Stupid crying babies and the fat guy snoring next to me. My worst hell hole. I call the driver thats picking me up. I walk over to the car with my suitcase trailing behind me. "Miss! You shouldn't be doing that in your condition!" He says and runs towards me and retrieves my bags from me. I get in and he starts driving after he's put my suitcase in. We've been driving for about an hour until we pull up to his house. I get out and knock on the front door. He answers after a minute of two.


"Conor!!!!!" I squeal and wrap him tight in a hug. He returns it straight away. Conor is like my brother and always will be. We met at party in the park a couple of years back and have stayed in touch. We dated for a couple of months but we decided to end it and stay friends because we were more like brother and sister rather than a couple.


"Annabelle!" He says with as much enthusiasum as me. His eyes widen when he holds me at arms length and scans over me, "are you pregnant?!"


"Yes! I'm 5 months. Do you not read the papers?!" I ask him and roll my eyes. I walk into the living room and into the kitchen. I sit down on a barstool at the kitchen bar and I turn to see he has followed me.


"I didn't notice! Wow! Congratulations!" He says and comes round and hugs me tight again.


"Thank you!" I say and smile like a cheshire cat. I'm really happy that he says that because then I know he is always there for me. "I have so much to do. First of all, I have to prepare for the baby but I'm sure someone can do that. Second, I have to plan one of my best friends wedding as I'm the made of honour. I just needed a break. I hope you don't mind. I also came out here to see her actually."


"Oh. What's she called?" He asks and I'm not shocked that he's interested because he knows most of my friends but not Ella, Abbi, Olivia, Rosie or Ashlee. It's a shame as well because I don't really talk to all of my other college friends. I should more often.


"She's called Ella. She's engaged to Louis Tomlinson and I'm engaged to Zayn Malik." I say because he knows who they are through the music industry. His face hardens. "What?"


"Did you just say Ella Wilkinson is marrying Louis Tomlinson?" He asks slowly.


"Yes. Conor you're scarying me now. What's up?"


"She was round here yesterday because we bumped into each other while she was out on a jog. She left after half an hour in a really quick hurry. She was literaly running out the door." He explains. What? That not like her.


"I'm sorry but I have to go and see her, you know, make sure she's alright. I'll be seeing you later for all your gossip!" I say and walk towards the door. He follows me and opens it. I step out and turn around. "I'm guessing she lives there?" I point across the road from Conor's at a massive mansion. He nods and I kiss him on his cheek. "Could you get your driver to drop off my bags for me?" I ask and he nods again. I smile and wave bye and walk down the driveway and onto the street. I cross the road and type in the pin Ella texted me. It lets me in and I walk down the driveway. It is an amazing view already! I walk up the steps and knock on the door. A couple of minutes later it's answer by a destracted Louis. He looks at me and smiles. He opens his arms and I run into them.


"What are you doing here?!" He asks shocked.


"I'm here to see you, Ella and Conor!" I say excitedly.


"Cool!" He smiles down at me.


"Where's Ella?!" I ask and look over his shoulder. He moves out of the way and lets me come in. He leads me into the living room where I find Ella sitting down and reading a magazine.


"She's here!" He says and kisses her on her lips. I smile at how cute they are. She gets up and hugs me.


"Can you both sit down please?" I ask because I really want to tell them. They look at me confused as to why I have asked them to sit down but they sit down anyway. "It's only me and zayn that know but the baby is going to be a....."





Whats it going to be?! Annabelle xxxxx

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