Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


38. Choosing.

Annabelle's P.O.V ~
I'm on my twitter when Zayn wakes up. He's been asleep for the past 5 hours but I can't say anything I fell asleep on him when we first got on the plane. "Hey!" I say and focus my attention back on twitter.

"Hey baby!" He leans across and kisses me on my cheek, "you're cold."

"I'm fine" I reassure him.

"No you're not. You're freezing!" He gets up and drapes a blanket over me.

"Now I can't see my phone." I say annoyed that I have to lift my arms out from under the blanket. Zayn is now sat down, 2 seats away from me. He's reading a paper which he never reads. I get up and climb onto his lap. I throw the paper across the aisle and it lands on the floor. He looks me in the eyes.

"I was reading that." He says quite annoyed. I wrap my arms around his neck and kissed his soft spot. He let out a moan which made me start giggling. I lean back and look at him.

"You're so easy!"

"That's what happens when you're around." He said. He kisses my soft spot and I moan out.

"You're easy too!"

"That's what happens when you're around." I say, telling him, his line which he said to me. I burst into laughter which makes him laugh.

"Your smile is so amazing and your laugh is adorable" he whispers in my ear. I hide in his neck for the rest of the journey, sat on his lap. We get off the plane and go straight home. Its throwing it down and lightening. The driver gets our bags out and puts them in the hall and then leaves after we pay him.

"It's better in Australia" I say bluntly and hug Zayn from the side. He hugs me back and kisses the top of my head.

"I know babe. I know." He turns to me, "should we get it over with and go see your dad?"

"Yeah, I suppose." I go upstairs and change into some other clothes. I choose my stretchy jeans, vans, jack wills top and hollister coat. I pick up my phone and purse. I go find Zayn in the kitchen. I sit down opposite him at the table. "Names? Lets start with girls." He looked at me like I was going crazy and then I raised my right eyebrow and then realisation hit him. He thought for what felt 5 years which was only 5 minutes.

"Ronnie Mae Malik." I looked at him stunned.


"Do you not like it?" He asked.

"I love it!" I said, "so that's the girl?" He nods in confirmation, "boy?" He thought for about 10 minutes this time.

"Billie Ron Malik?" He asked. I thought about it.

"Billie Jack Malik?" I ask.

"Yeah. Wow that was easy!" He exclaimed which made me laugh.

"Should we go?" I ask.

"Yeah. Jacks outside." Yes! Jacks driving us. I love him. He is more than my driver, he's my uncle jack jack. I used to call him that from when I was younger. Dad asked me whether I would like him to drive me around when I was older and I said yes so I have him to drive me around. He's so funny and cool!

Me and Zayn walk out together hand-in-hand. Zayn opens the door for me and I step in. I put my seat belt on and make myself comfy. "Hi Jack!" I screech.

"Hello Annabelle! How was your break?"

"It was amazing thank you!"

"Where would you like to go?" He asks smiling at me.

"My dads please! Please warn me in advance, does he know?" I ask him.

"I'm not going to lie to you. The whole world knows." Those 4 words cut through me like a knife in the heart. Tears spring to my eyes and Zayn folds me in his arms tight. We sit like that until jack says, "we're here."

"Thank you Jack. Could you please wait here in case we come out early?" I ask him and he nods his head. Me and Zayn get out and walk up the path. I knock on the door. We wait a couple of minutes until Anna comes and greets us.

"Hello! Congratulations!" She says to us and evolves us both in a hug each.

"Hello Anna. Erm, is he okay? Is he mad or calm or what?" I ask quite scared of what the answer will be.

"I've calmed him down as much as I can but I can't promise anything..." Her voice trails off. I step inside the house and go to my dads office with Zayn right behind me. My dad is sat at his work desk so I walk round and sit at his business partners desk but James isn't here so I can sit here. He lifts his head up and then puts it down to write on a piece of paper.

"I'm okay with it. I've thought about it and it might be nice having a grandchild staying here occasionally. But on one condition." He said finishing off a cheque. He looked up at me and Zayn and then leaned back in his chair.

"And what is that condition?" I ask, breaking the silence.

"You," he points at Zayn, "never, and I mean never, leave her." I look at Zayn.

"I promise on my heart. I will never leave the princess I found on the 8th July 2012 in the Lowry Hotel at 16:30 in the 24 hour bar." My mouth plummeted to the ground as he says each fact like it was only yesterday. But it feels like we've known each other for a life time.

"There is also one more thing.." I turn back around to face my dad, "when you're married, you take the 'Gates' surname." I look up at Zayn again and swallow hard.

"But.." Zayn tried to protest but he knew he wouldn't win, "but the bride always takes the grooms surname!"

"Well, I want to make sure we still have the family name. It's not that bad, is it?" My dad looks like its not bothering him.

"Yes because we've chosen the names." I say calmly.

"What are they?" He asks suddenly interested.

"Ronnie Mae Malik for a girl and Billie Jack Malik for a boy" I say looking into his eyes.

"Did you use Ronnie because it was your mums nickname?" I nod.

"Did you use Mae because she's your cousin?" Zayn nods because it was to him.

"Did you use Billie because its got my name in it?" I nod.

"And did you use Jack because that's your driver?" I nod. Is it that obvious?! "Okay. You can have Malik as the surname. Don't think this is easy for me!" He jokes. Me and Zayn laugh along.

We say our goodbyes and set off to Bradford to explain to my 'Bradford Bad Boy' 's parents..
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