Annabelle, Ella and Abbi have been best friends since reception. They've done everything together from sleepovers to concerts. What happens when the 18 year olds go to a One Direction concert? Will they all be heartbroken? Or will they all be happy in love? Find out about heartaches, betrayals and more. <- I know it doesn't sound good but please read, like and favourite it:) I also love feedback!


42. Accidents

Annabelle's P.O.V ~ I arrive at the track early in the morning. Will isn't expecting me until tomorrow but I guess I want more time with him and find out more about Daisy. I'm so happy for him. He's found a caring and beautiful girl who works with him. I walk into the hospitality area and see Holly, I think. Everything looks dark behind my Louis Vuitton sunglasses but I don't care. I make my way over to the serving desk. "Hello. What can I get you?" "I'll take a latte please." She puts the cup under the machine and its done within seconds. "Is Daisy around?" "Yeah! She's in the kitchen." She replies. "Please can you get her for me?" I ask. She nods and walks out through a door. I turn around and see a few people who sponsor the F1. I smile and wave to a few and then turn around. I see Daisy coming out of the kitchen with Holly on her tail. "Hey!" "Hi!" She replies with the same amount of joyful ness. I embrace her in a hug and then pull away. "How did the team do in Australia?" I ask her because I missed the final race. "Will came 1st and Sam came 3rd!" She said with a massive smile on her face. I gasp and then start clapping and laughing. "Oh my god! That's really good! Where is Will now?" I ask her after calming down. "He's up in his room." "I'll see you later. I want to go surprise him!" I said with a massive smile plastered on my face. We hug one last time and then I get my coffee and walk away. As I'm walking past Simóne Trust, one of the sponsors, he gently grabs my arm. "Miss. Gates! Soon to be Mrs. Malik..." He says, wriggling his eyebrows at me and kissing my cheeks, "how lovely to see you again!" "Mr. Trust! It is my pleasure to see you again." He gestures me to sit down with him at the table and I accept. "So what have you been up to?" "Just been to see my dad and Zayn's parents... Yourself?" I say and ask. "How is Mr. Gates? And nothing from the usually" he says like I know what he does. "He's very well thank you.." I say and take a sip of my latte. "I hear your pregnant?" He sort of asks and I spit out my coffee back into the cup. I look at him. "Yes. You hear right." I say spitting through my teeth. "Why, congratulations!" "Thank you. I really must be off." I get up and he does the same. He kisses my cheeks once more and then I walk off, leaving my coffee behind. I walk through the door and into the lobby. I was looking down at my phone when someone bumped into me, causing me to fall on my back/bum. "Ow!" I scream at the top of my lungs because it really hurts. I look up to see Sam peering down at me. "Oh my god. Are you okay?" He says kneeling at my side. "No. My back really hurts." I sob, "I'm pregnant you stupid cabeça pau!" I decide to use some of my Portuguese skills even though I'm welsh. He looks at me like I'm from another country. Everyone comes out to see what is happening. I get up with a lot of pain and walk to the sofa in the corner. I see Will come down the stairs from the corner of my eye and he must of seen me because he starts running my way. "Annabelle?!" I look up and force a smile. "Hi." "What's wrong?" "I just got knocked to the floor by your team mate and now it really hurts across my back." I sob into his chest. "We need to get you to hospital!" He calls the ambulance and they're here within minutes. All I remember is being wheeled outside with Will by my side and that's it. Darkness took me away.

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