Among the dead

This is the first of hopefully many stories by me, I do geographically come from Denmark but since I have so little understanding about the Danish ways of using Dots and Commas I have chosen to write in English.


3. chapter 2

She began walking towards me with her grey eyes staring directly at me, I began walking backwards. I hit a shelf that was on a wall long area of shelves, it went from the far end of the store to the entrance of the store and were filled with various items such as, plates, scissors etc. I looked around me to find out we were at the cups area. I picked up a good sized cup and threw it past her, it went just over her head and landed with a crash a few feet behind her. She snapped out of looking at me and began turning around, that's when I got a realisation; ''What? Is she blind? but, but I thought she could see me perfectly, she, she walked directly towards me'' I couldn't believe it, it was so surreal that she was blind. ''Wait, If she's Blind, won't that mean she should have a great sense of smelling and an incredible hearing?''.

When she had fully turned I saw something that literally took the breath away from me, biting marks Around her upper back and in her neck, not just bruises or teeth marks, it really looked like someone took ate part of her back and neck. I moved as silent as I could over to the others and poked them on the shoulders, they turned around and were about to ask me what I wanted but when they saw the look I had on my face, they stayed silent. I pointed towards where she was and they all saw what I had just seen, they were all shocked over what I pointed out.

''What the actual fuck? someone ATE a part of her?!'' Emily blurted it out without thinking about the consequences. The woman turned around with a snarl; it sounded like a mad dog or something. Emily gasped and held her hands in front of her mouth. The woman now almost ran directly at Emily. Emily was clearly scared and was trembling with fear at the sight of a, most likely, dead woman almost running towards her.

''RUN'' I yelled while turning around and began to run, and what a mistake that was, as I turned around I ran directly into another dead person, this time it was easier to see since, he was missing most of his face and some of his arm. I panicked and slipped as i tried to back away from him. I fell. The yell must have gained his attention as he now slowly began to bow down with his arms aimed for my leg. He was pretty slow and while he tried to grab my leg i quickly crawled backwards keeping out of his reach.

It felt like I had crawled forever, but it couldn't have been more than 30 seconds, I hit the wall that was behind me and i was cornered. ''What am I gonna do? What is gonna happen to me? Am i gonna die?'' I closed my eyes and just sat there, Waiting for it all to end, hoping it was a dream, I heard footsteps, it sounded like the person was running towards me, I opened my eyes and saw Jack running towards me with something that looked like an iron pole.

As he got close to me i noticed he said something, but without any words, it looked like he was saying; ''Get out of there you fool!'' I tried getting back on my feet but i quickly gave up that idea, my legs had given up on me, i was literally frozen in place just staring at the dead man in front of me.

I felt something grab onto my shirt and with a shocking look in my eyes i turned my head that way and saw that Richard had grabbed me and was trying to pull me away. Natalie joined him and they got me pulled to safety pretty quickly.

Jack who was now only a few feet away from the guy prepared to swing and as he got within range he hit the guy with all the force he could, he hit the guy in the stomach between the 2 lowest ribs, we all heard a loud cracking sound, it almost sounded like multiple bones in his body shattered. I was still sitting on the ground, trying to calm myself. The guy Jack just hit just, got up again, like Nothing had happend at all. now it wasn't only Me who was shocked. We all looked at the guy just, stading up like nothing happend, even after so many bones had broken. The guy stood fully up and we could see the wound bleed, it wasn't red blood coming out of him, it was green, almost like it was rotten.

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